Zombies, Jiang Shi, and Kyonshii are all names for animated corpses.


Bite-Sized Monster DictionaryEdit

The dead ones who were buried but could not rest in peace and are resurrected from their graves. Most of the time, they won't remember their previous lives and are extremely violent. They possess the superhuman strength like bears, but as they are corpses, their bodies are stiff, and cannot perform flexible maneuvers. In Japan, they're commonly known as "Kyonshii"

Appearance Edit

The appearance of a zombie can vary greatly, from the rotting corpse look to being exactly like a normal human. They are know to be very stiff due to being undead.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Its mentioned in the anime, that zombies are A-Class monsters.

They possess super strength and are pain resistant. But they have stiff limbs. Also zombies have regeneration abilities. Zombies are immortal since they are already dead.


As zombies are physically frail, they are easily defeated in combat.


  • Unlike most horror films indicate, Zombies don't feed off the living or the dead.
  • Since Zombies, Jiang Shi and Kyonshii are deceased, they quit aging upon their demise. As such you could see a Jiang Shi who passes for a high school student but could actually be over 300 years old.

Known ZombiesEdit

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