Yutaka Yuji
is a doctor at Yōkai Academy.


Yutaka is first seen in the infirmary alongside with Mako Yakumaru who's in training and is amazed on how Tsukune was able to recover after becoming a ghoul. Before leaving he tells Tsukune to take care of himself and warns him about the ANTI-THESIS of what they might do to him if Tsukune gets attacked again. Sometimes after, Yutaka bumps in to Moka who was crying and offered to help her by taking her to his office. Yutaka tries to attack Moka and attempts to give her a shot which will manipulate her. Moka realized that Yutaka's after Tsukune. She takes a flower pot that is next her and hits Yutaka on the head knocking him out cold. It is revealed that Mako injected her power into Yutaka to use him in order to kill Tsukune and to infect Moka. Yutaka is not an Outcast.    

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