Yuki-Onna (Snow Women) are one of the numerous Yōkai types that can be found in the Rosario + Vampire universe.

Bite-Sized Monster DictionaryEdit

These mysterious creatures of snow and ice only appear during a large snowstorm or blizzards. They have a habit of freezing the lone travelers and abduct the males that they like. These cold and monstrous habits make them well known in Japanese society. They have the power to manipulate ice and snow.


A Yuki-Onna's true form is not very different from a human. The most prominent features are their hair (which turns into ice) and their hands (which become sharpened ice claws) when transformed.

However, in the case of Mizore, it has been shown that it isn't nessescary to transform her hair when accessing her abilities.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Yuki-Onna are cryokinetic beings, meaning that they have absolute control over ice and snow.

  • Ice Claws: In their true forms, Yuki-Onna possess enormous ice claws.
  • Ice Clones: Yuki-Onna have been shown to be able to create clones of themselves (and others) made out of ice.
  • Ice Weapons: Yuki-Onna have been shown able of creating weapons made from ice (like daggers and Japanese kunai knives) and then throwing them at an enemy.


Like other ice based creatures, Yuki-Onna are afraid of heat and fire. Heat also weakens their abilities, though they are still able to use them.


When traveling to the Land of the Yuki-Onna, it is shown and implied that the chosen weapon for this ayashi seems to be a gun that shoots sharp ice shards that are highly similiar to a bullet. As stated by Mizore's mother, "Tsurara Shirayuki" when the ice shards are shot they melt soon after contact. Leaving no evidence of the bullet, though it still leaves the target harmed.

Known Yuki-OnnaEdit


  • As stated by Miyabi Fujisaki, the reason why Yuki-Onna carry small suckers in their mouths is to keep their bodies at a cool temperature.
  • Though in the anime Mizore's father is considered a Yuki-Onna, he is actually a Yuki-Otoko, or abominable snowman.
  • In the anime, the homeland of the Yuki-Onna seems to be a ski resort located in the human world.
  • According to Mizore, Yuki-Onna are a rare species due to the fact they can only bear children between the ages of 17 and their mid 20s.
  • In the Anime, Mizore created ice dolls while stuck in emotional despair and the lost control of them when Tsukune helped her find hope. This suggests that to maintain control of their ice dolls, a Yuki-Onna needs to maintain a constant state of mind.
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