Tsukune using Yōjutsu

Yōjutsu (Monster Arts) appears to be the art of manipulating Yōki Whether all forms of Yōki manipulation can be considered Yōjutsu is not clear - what is clear is that the creation of barriers and working with seals are fields within Yōjutsu.

Hougetsu Jigen-tou[edit | edit source]

The Hougestu Jigen-tou (Moon Crushing Dimensional Sword) is an extremely powerful attack that is known as the "Ultimate sword" or "Dimensional sword". It grants the user the power to “delay” their existence. By doing this the user can cut through anything with their bare hands.

As revealed by Tohou Fuhai, the Jigen-Tou is like a saw that can come and go through dimensions. It does this 100 repetitions per second, though Ling-Ling can only use it with 16 repetitions per second.

Known users:[edit | edit source]

Yōjutsu-Engokujin[edit | edit source]

Yōjutsu: Engokujin (Monster Technique: Fire Hell Circle) is a suicidal technique that was first displayed by Ling-Ling Huang after she had caught Akua Shuzen. It causes an enormous seal to form beneath the user, whereupon the area inside of it will explode while the temperature rises to several thousand degrees.

Both Akua and Ling-Ling, however, were able to avoid death by this technique; Akua by using the Jigen-Tou to phase underground and Ling-Ling being rescued by Tohou Fuhai.

Known users:[edit | edit source]

Touhou Fuhai Style-Bakuryuujin[edit | edit source]

Touhou Fuhai Style- Bakuryuujin (Explosive Lapis Circle):is considered a close combat anti-air yōjutsu. Tsukune releases explosive power as he smashes his fist into the ground sending a shockwave with great speed and force through the air, pushing back and attacking all who attempt to get near him.

Known users:[edit | edit source]

Touhou Fuhai Style-Muei-Tou[edit | edit source]

Tohou Fuhai Style- Muei-Tou (Shadowless Sword) was a technique designed to nullify the Hougestu Jigen-tou. It works by creating a tonfa of light around the user's arms, with the orbs being in the user's palms.

While this Yōjutsu doesn't have much attacking power, it locks the dimension of whatever it touches, disallowing those the user touches from using Jigen-Tou.

Known users:[edit | edit source]

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