Xia-Long Miao
Kana 苗 西龍
Romaji Myao Shāron (Japanese)
Miao Xīlóng (Chinese)
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Race Yasha
Technique N/A
Equipment N/A
Personal Status
Relatives Ten-Ten Huang (Unknown Relative)
Rest of the Huang Family (Unknown)
Masked King (Unknown)
Affiliations Miao Family
Class N/A
Voice Actor None
Xia-Long Miao (苗 西龍, Japanese: Myao Shāron, Chinese Pinyin: Miao Xīlóng), nicknamed "Xia-Long of the Funeral Flowers" (花葬の西龍, Kasō no Shāron), is the Head of the Miao Family, former Leader of Fairy Tale's 4th Subdivision, and master of Routier.


Xia-Long is a young man with light eyes, messy blond hair, flattened near the top from a dark and red striped top hat he has worn since his youth. He wears a dark long sleeved coat with gold buttons and coat chain, dark pants curled up to the knees, a gold belt with four straps reaching out from his waist and hips to his back, black and gray striped undershirt and socks, and dark shoes with white vamps.


In a flashback, it is revealed that Xia-Long had once known and befriended Fang Fang Huang, and had called a temporary halt to the rivalry between the Miao and Huang Families. However, the truce between the families was called off after Xia-Long assumed leadership of the Miao Family and joined with Fairy Tale.


Xia-Long appears after Routier had been defeated by Fang Fang. Fang Fang demands to know why he allied himself with Fairy Tale, but Xia-Long merely laughs at Fang Fang's incompetence. Xia-Long summons Guns and Roses, a man-eating plant equipped with an arsenal of guns, and attacks Fang Fang and Yukari Sendo. Yukari blocks the gunfire summoning a Fire Snail using Fang Fang's spells, and proceeds to fight him one-on-one. Xia-Long manages to injure Yukari and was prepared to shoot Fang Fang before the latter discovers his martial arts prowess and dodges the gunshots. Yukari summons a protective monster to shield Fang Fang while he lunges, stabbing Xia-Long through the abdomen.


Xia-Long fighting Fang Fang

Xia-Long collapses and faints. He flashbacks to the time when he met with the Masked King. When he wakes, Xia-Long congratulates Fang Fang and Yukari for their victory and comments that it was "almost like seeing your (Fang Fang's) parents". When Fang Fang questions the reason for calling off the truce between the families and their alliance with Fairy Tale, Xia-Long finally reveals the true nature of the the Miao Family and their allegiance to Fairy Tale: both organizations were in fact created by the same individual - the masked King. The Masked King was the original founder of the Miao Family who left China to create Fairy Tale in Japan, leaving Xia-Long's father in charge. During his seven-year absence, however, Xia-Long's father secretly struck the precious truce agreement with the Huang Family that would lead to Fang Fang and Xia-Long meeting. When the Masked King caught wind of this, he cruelly punishes the Miao Family by breaking the bones of Xia-Long's father and stuffing him in a briefcase whilst still alive.

Xia-long briefcase

Xia-Long seeing his own father crammed into a briefcase

When Xia-Long had met with the Masked King, the Masked King promises him the whole of China, but threatens to inflict a most gruesome death upon him should he turn traitor. The Masked King presents the briefcase with the body of Xia-Long's father and tells him that this was one such traitor whom he dealt with for striking a 'stupid' truce without his consent. Xia-Long is tortured by the Masked King and is forced to take up the mantle of Head of the Family whilst remaining subservient to the Masked King - the integral reason why Xia-Long broke the truce with the Huang Family and continued their everlasting feud.

After completing his narrative, Xia-Long laments at how he was merely the figurehead for the family and his failure at being leader. Fang Fang remains optimistic and tells him that he is not a much better leader, finally asking Xia-Long to put aside their past and join forces to create a better future. Before Xia-Long can accept, the Leader of the 6th Subdivision Gairen Yuki appears in the air and warns Xia-Long not to follow in the footsteps of his traitor father. Xia-Long angrily asks Gairen how he knew about his father's fate, summoning Guns and Roses in the process. Gairen quickly melts the pillars, commenting that all traitors against the Masked King shall suffer a most gruesome death. The ceiling then collapses on Xia-Long, Fang Fang, Yukari and Routier.

Moments later he reappears along side with Routier (knowing that they survived Gairen's attack) joining Tsukune Aono and his friends in the final battle against Alucard. When hugged by Fang Fang, Xia-Long seemed irked with Fang Fang's huggy mood.

Equipment Edit

  • Skull Cane: Xia-Long carries around a cane with a skull on the top with him as he goes into battle.
    • Summoning: The cane is in truth his summoning medium where he chants an incantation while holding the skull to his lips.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Guns and Roses

Powers Edit

Yasha Physiology: Xia-Long's nickname, "Xia-Long of the Funeral Flowers" is an accurate representation of his power and resolve. As a yasha he is very proficient at utilizing summoning techniques and possesses enhanced physical might. As the current head of the Miao Family and former Leader of the 4th Sub-Division in spite of his young age, Xia-Long is no doubt a powerful opponent.

  • Enhanced Stamina: As the summoning techniques require large amount of stamina and Yoki to be effective in battle, Xia-Long being a summoning prodigy no doubt possesses a very large amount of stamina. This is shown when competing against Yukari in the art, he was able to easily outpace the witch in terms of summoning as after some time Yukari collapsed from depleted stamina while Xia-Long remained unfazed while commenting on the beginner's mistake of summoning beyond their limits. Even after he was defeated by Fang-Fang with a stab through his abdomen, Xia-Long made another summons to defend against Gairen Yuki's attempt at his life.
  • Enhanced Durability: Xia-Long possesses enhanced physical durability where upon recovering from his defeat by Fang-Fang, the summoner appeared more or less unfazed by the stab wound on his abdomen while he explains the circumstances of the reestablished feud between the Huang and Miao families.

Abilities Edit

  • Expert Summoner: He specializes in the summoning and use of flower-based weapons, primarily Guns and Roses (銃刀花), a man-eating plant equipped with an arsenal of guns, and a handgun manifesting from a flower.

Techniques Edit

Summoning Techniques: Xia-Long combines the use of flora and artillery in his summons that makes very well known for them.

  • Guns & Roses: Xia-Long summons various flora that grows artillery out of their ends to bombard his opponents. He can also summon a small pistol from a flower on his wrist to finish off his opponents if they are no longer fighting.
  • Senjin Chouka (Thousand Blades Funeral Flowers): A summoning that brings forth an enormous flower that slices the opponent with blades made from its leaves.

Trivia Edit

  • Xia-Long's surname "Miao" translates into "seedling" or "seedlings" in Chinese, as well as Japanese. In transfer-Chinese-pronunciation-to-Japanese-translation, his name is pronounced as "Myao" with the "y" sound next to the "M" sound and "ao" making the English sound "ow" in spelling. Also, the name "Miao" is pronounced as "Nae" in the Japanese language as a name.
  • Additionally, his name "Xia-Long" literally means "Western dragon" as "Lóng" is literally the Chinese word for "dragon". "Xia" is pronounced as "shi" like the English female word 'she', and "Xia-Long" as "西龍" as Japanese kanji rather than Chinese hanzi is pronounced as "Nishiru" (Nee-she-roo) or "Seiryū" in Japanese. It is also pronounced as "Shāron" in pronunciation translation from Chinese translation and literally means "Western Dragon" in Japanese, but means "Hesperosaurus", the name of a dinosaur in Chinese, specifically Mandarin.
  • It is unknown how he is related to Ten-Ten Huang, whether father or brother, or even other, and he and the Masked King are the only Miao Family members or Miao members known of besides Ten-Ten and Akua Shuzen.
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