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Known since ancient times, they are a race on the boundary of between human and Yōkai. They live in harmony with nature deep within the woods, far from human habitation. It is said that they have the power to use magic by harnessing the power of nature.

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These are the race that live with nature and have the ability to use nature as their "magic." They are capable of performing a varieties of magics, including ones that mutate their own body. They have been part of human history for centuries.


Witches are humanoid creatures, possibly a sub-species of humankind. They are physically identical to humans with the exception of their eye color, which are shown to be in differing shades of red and violet.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Witches have the most unpredictable abilities in the series. They can uses their wands to create a large variety of objects and weapons (which require magical attributes in order to use magic), Yukari uses Iron Tarot cards, but their weapon of choice may be the voodoo doll.

As Lady Oyakata proved there is a high risk spell called "The Merge" that can be done by a sufficently powerful witch, but as the spell renders the caster unable to revert to their original form, it can be considered an extreme last resort spell (i.e. only for survival).


As witches draw their power from their magical equipment, they will be defenseless if their equipment are destroyed.

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