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A werewolf is a ferocious wild beast-like monster. Normally it is in human form, however, on moonlit nights, it transforms into a werewolf. The relationship between the werewolf and the moon has been known since the 16th Century, with its power increasing based on the strength of the moonlight.

A beast of western origin. In exchange for its lack of a unique ability, its physical power towers above the rest. Especially in terms of agility, it is said that there is no equal. It possesses a deep connection to the moon, where its strength increases proportional to the intensity of moonlight.


Depending on the time and date, a werewolf is in either Human form or in its true form. In its true form, a Werewolf appears as a powerfully built humanoid creature, with double-jointed legs, a wolf-like tail, and a hairy, muscular body. The head and face take possess a wolf-like form, which is accompanied by an impressive mane of hair, not that dissimilar from a lion or a horse.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Werewolves are ranked firmly in the top-tier level of Yōkai, the vaunted S-Class. This classification is shared with few other monsters, namely the Phoenix, the Japanese Yōko, and the Vampire. Werewolves are so strong, in fact, that they are the only species of monster that is readily powerful enough to engage and even rival Vampires in battle, though Phoenixes may possess a similar capacity as well.

Befitting their status as S-Class Yōkai, the Werewolves possess tremendous physical strength and demonic power, which allows them to easily strike their opponents and the environment with pulverizing, cratering force. Though not in possession of the Vampire's unique energy-to-strength conversion/augmentation process, the Werewolf nevertheless has combat abilities that considerably compensate for that inherent disadvantage.

  • Super Speed: The Werewolf's signature ability is its incredible speed and agility, which no other monster is capable of matching when the Werewolf is at its full capacity. This ability is tremendously powerful, easily enabling a Werewolf to strike with effectively invisible speed, landing a withering barrage of blows upon an opponent practically instantaneously. This ability also translates into a Werewolf inflicting incredible damage, for the tremendous speed combined with a Werewolf's hardened, fearsome physique generates formidable kinetic impact.
  • Full Moon Power Boost: The greatest ability of the Werewolf is its influence under the light of the Moon, especially a full Moon. The moonlight boosts the Werewolf's power, depending on the strength and level of the moonlight, and the abilities of the Werewolf in question. When under a full Moon, a Werewolf is powerful and swift to the point that they can match a Vampire in combat, and even outpace their vampiric opponent. This speed and agility is enough to make a Werewolf difficult to hit even for a Shinso-class Vampire, as seen in the brief skirmish between Moka Akashiya and Ginei Morioka. This culmination of the Werewolf's power is potent enough that it is often compared to the Vampire's energy-to-strength conversion/augmentation ability, described as the Werewolf being the 'monster of speed', and the Vampire the 'monster of power.'

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