Man of Steel + Vampire poster

made by themasterofantics on deviantart

i have this fanmade ecchi massive harem crossover art series on deviant art called Man of Steel + Vampire. it is a cross between the 2013 man of steel movie and Rosario+Vampire.

the plot goes like this:

Ahkasha Bloodriver and the other dark lords are trying to figure out how to help monsters coexist with humans. but when a spacecraft with a sheild and an "S" crash lands on a farm in Smallville, which containes an alien baby, the Dark Lords decide that this alien child grows up he will become a student in their achademy. when the alien child, Clark Kent becomes a teenager, he receives a folder in the mail saying that he has bee invited to be enrolled in yokai achademy. when he arrives he meets a vampire named moka and soon after a bunch of plot twists, the two meet other monster girls like Kurumu, Yukari, Mizore, and Ruby. together they have wonderous adventures. eventually once clark finds an ancient alien ship he meets a ghost of his true father who tells him that his home planet, Krypton was doomed because they exausted all their natural resources causing the planets core to become unstable. however Kal-El's mother and father placed him in a spaceship called the bithing matrix along with an ancient kryptonian artifact called the Codex. then they laughing their child off into space before Krypton Exploded. but what clark doesnt know, when activating the sccoutship, he accidentally tiggers a becon into space wich attracks a former military leader of Krypton named General Zod who intends on turning earth into a new Krypton. together with his monster girl friends, Clark must do whatever it takes to save Earth as the new arising hero "Superman".

afterwards in part two, the gang end up dealing with Moka's little sister Kokoa, the a gang of anti-schoolers and eventually an intellegant alien machine named Brainiac.

Part three is where things get interesting, this is wher the harem gets MASSIVE. Clark and the girls come a cross an alien spacecraft silalar to Clark's. inside it containes a teenage kryptonian female with breasts WAY larger than Kurumu's. her name is Kara Zor-El (Power Girl), Auperman's Cousin and Mate. eventually the have run-ins with other beautiful girls with teenage powers like; Diana (Wonder Woman), the Princess of the strong female warriors known as the Amazons; an orange skinned alien princess of the planet Tamaran Named Koriand'r (Starfire), who has difficulty with Earth's customs; a half demon princess of the dimension of Azarath named Raven; and many more. they all have adventures involving saving the planet and fighting for Clark's Attention.

this is what i have so far.

i thought this would be an intersting crossover because since superman was treated like an outcast, it would be intersting for clark to be sent to yokai academy. also i thought that Superman whould be a good character to help save monsters and humand not just from eachother but from themselves as well. i mean superman was compared to a lot of mythological figures like Jesus Christ, Moses, and Hercules so there is like no excuse that this fan series shouldnt exist.

i also thought that this fan series should be fun, since the 2013 man of steel movie got me to like Superman, and how Rosario+Vampire got me to like Anime.

If you want to see this Series Follow the link below:

I may not own Superman or Rosario+Vampire, but i made the posters.

i will be talking more about this soon. probably show you more posters as well.

a comment would be nice for support and please be nice.

Themasterofantics (talk) 00:24, December 20, 2014 (UTC) themasterofantics

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