• Themasterofantics

    i have this fanmade ecchi massive harem crossover art series on deviant art called Man of Steel + Vampire. it is a cross between the 2013 man of steel movie and Rosario+Vampire.

    the plot goes like this:

    Ahkasha Bloodriver and the other dark lords are trying to figure out how to help monsters coexist with humans. but when a spacecraft with a sheild and an "S" crash lands on a farm in Smallville, which containes an alien baby, the Dark Lords decide that this alien child grows up he will become a student in their achademy. when the alien child, Clark Kent becomes a teenager, he receives a folder in the mail saying that he has bee invited to be enrolled in yokai achademy. when he arrives he meets a vampire named moka and soon after a bunch of pl…

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