I have read more than a few pages on this wikia and all I can say is "What the hell?!". Not only are most of the pages of this wikia poorly done (except for the main characters'), but whoever is making most of them doesn't know a damn thing about the facts of Rosario + Vampire!

The issue I would like to address most is everyone's gross overestimation of the main characters' powers/abilities and of monsters in general. Do you idiots honestly believe that humans are so much weaker than the majority of monsters?! THEY'RE NOT!! It's the opposite, in fact: most monsters shouldn't be any more than just a little bit stronger than humans. Witches, yuki-onna, and most humanoind monsters, for example, can't be much stronger than a human of comparable size, age and build! Only the really powerful or big monsters definately trump humans in power by more than a few, like weverwolves, vampires, trolls, ogres, etc. Why else do you see some monsters using guns or swords? Also, the whole fast healing thing? Bullshit. What we see done to the characters is nothing but blunt trauma and flesh wounds that are ignored due to endurance and the convenient use of healing spells (which the Newspaper Club has Yukari and Ruby for). For the record, humans can and have survived some of the injuries done to many of the characters in the series (I.E. being cut, stabbed, burned, etc.), so don't consider the planet's dominant species so frail and slow by comparison! Those Yakuza guys Tsukune fought obviously had no real training for fighting or else they wouldn't have gone down so easily. Vampires, aren't "immortal", either; it you behead them, stab them in the head or vitals, bleed them, burn them, shoot them enough times, drown them, poison them, crush their bodies, disintegrate them, smother them, or mortally wound them, they will die, simple as that! Most of this applies to "undying" Shinsos as well! They also can't possibly live for eternity!

The powers of monsters are greatly overexagerated by the characters as well. The reason Tsukune was so easily beaten by monsters in the beginning was because he was a weakling by human standards and didn't have the training or conditioning to fight in the first place. He makes a poor example as human when stacking them up against monsters! Kurumu and Mizore aren't "considerably" tougher than any human being in general either; they received training so that they could do what they did! For God's sake, a human Navy SEAL could have easily done what they did on the Hanging Garden due to his own training and comabt experience! Their parents are probably more powerful than them! How and why? Because they're teenagers!

And let's not forget Tsukune and Moka. They may be Shinsos by the end of the manga, but there's still a ton of monsters and other vampires out there who could easily beat them, the two best examples being Issa and Akua. They are both on par with the Dark Lords, who were the strongest of their respective races, but there is still probably some monster out there who's even stronger than they were. Tsukune and Moka can't be more than somewhere beneath the halfway mark of this spectrum of really powerful individuals. Sure, they are capable of using their new Creation abilites and rapid healing factor, and can probably knock a stronger sucker or two out with a lucky hit, but that doesn't make them more powerful in any way whatsoever. Tsukune's incredible show of strength against Gyokuro is GONE now; he lost all that raw power when he became a Shinso. He was mutating at the time from being near Alucard which made his vampiric powers very unstable due to the connection they shared, nothing more, nothing less. Gyokuro was on par with Touhou Fuhai himself (she though about personally killing him) and would have beaten Tsukune if he had not mutated like he did (from his unstable Shinso blood being close to Alucard) or had lived long enough to have a rematch, even after he became a Shinso. This is a verifeid fact that you can come to understand if you just read the manga closely

Furthermore, this is an ENGLISH website, so we will be using ENGLISH words and translations from now on! This wikia needs to be cleaned up! I've read the manga THREE TIMES, so I know what I'm talking about, God dammit!

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