Hi, my name is Robert "Coop" McKnight I'm both the crown prince of a very, very, very near human spieces called the Panthalassa Clan and a Wiccan. If you go back far enough I also have mandolorian and vampire ancestery. My vampire reletives are the Marker Clan believe it or not. It was Grandma Elda Marker's husband, Grandpa Alfred Sinclar who inspired me to join the Galactic Kids Next Door as a Starfighter Pilot. My Wiccan anscestery came from my Auntie McKnight, my cosin's name is Sally "Thorn" McKnight. The nickname "Thorn" comes from her band name in the Hex Girls. I'm 14 years old and a freshman at Youkai Academy. My cosin has a boyfriend named Saizou Komiya he is 15 years old and also a freshman at Youkai Academy. People say Saizou Komiya is the typical bully type kid. But that's just a vicious rumor spred by bullies who don't know how to make friends. My Cosin is also 15 years old and a freshman as well. In case anyone is interested my pay grade 2,500 Galactic Standard Credits or Creds Per Month, so ladies don't expect lavish gifts, that's barely enough to live on. But better than standard enlisted soldier pay grades which are anywere from 500 to 800 Creds Per Month.

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