As Tsukune and I got off the bus he was telling me about how he faild every high school addmitance test until his father saw that Yokai Academy was accepting human students to help the monsters cope with human socity and the test was real easy. So he took it and he got into Yokai Academy. He asked me how I got in. I told him that I was known as a perptuial genuis, and the fact that I was Panthalassan Royalty I got exepted pretty quickly, but I still had to take the enterance exam like everyone else. As we walked closer and closer to the audaturim we could hear fan girls screaming my name. Me and Tsukune opened the door and of course I get glomped by 50,000,000 fan girls. For most this would be the most beautiful thing they have ever seen in their entire life..... For me it's a trip to the ICU along with intense spinal reconstructive surgery and a ruptured spleen and a broken rib cage. But it's still awsome because I'm still getting hugged and kissed by a bunch of cute monster girls. Later in class I was being stared at in a very creepy and perverted manor by the girls. I said to the girls. "Look if you have something to say to me then by all means enlighten me my friends, but don't stare at me like you want to eat me for lunch." I continued. "And ferthermore why must you ladies stare with such creepy and perverted angst what are you going to do pounce on me again like you did before." "Tehe!!!!!" The girls laghed in unison. "But you are so cute we could just eat you up!!!!!" They all said in unison and with perfect timing and precsision. Tsukune looked at me and said. "Lucky bastard. You get all the girls." I responded. "You want'em you can have'em. I don't want all of these girls pining over me anyway!!!!!" I continued. "And ferthermore I don't want to be the high school pet of a bunch of fan girls!!!!!" Then class ended for lunch and so will this part of the story.

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