5 minutes after being kidnapped by the Popular Girls (The Libbies). "You do realize that if you had just wanted to spend a half an hour with me and talk all you had to do was ask. Kidnapping me was completely unessasary. Further more why does everyone think that my exploits as a Combat Pilot in the Kids Next Door (KND) and Galactic Kids Next Door (GKND) are so great." I Said. "In the words of Ken Gillespie war doesn't make boys men, it makes men dead." I continued. "We know that. We just want you to tell us first hand if you piloting skills are as good as people say they are." They said with perfect timimg and unison. I said in response. "Is there really any such thing as a good or bad pilot?" I continued. "It's all about who survives the longest. He who survives the longest becomes the best at what ever he survived longest doing." "If a young recruit pilot dies a young recruit pilot then does he get time to perfect his dogfighting (aerial combat) techniqe? No. You know why right? Well too freaking bad I'm gonna tell you anyways!!!!! He doesn't get a chance to perfect his technique because he is dead. Six feet under if you will. The chances of that happening to me were high too. I've had my fair share of times, maybe even more than my fair share of times were I've had to eject over enemy territory." I continued. "I was flying over Cambodia when we made first contact with the enemy. "The Heretics" we called them. I was flying the YF-1X Veritech Fighter (Veriable Technology Fighter) on loan to the Kids Next Door for testing to see if the up and coming VF-1 Valkayre Veritech Fighters were right for the Kids Next Door Army Air Corps. (KNDAAC) I was suddenally attacked by severial Heretic Banshee Fighter Jets. They (or at least most of them) were easy kills. They turned ten to fifteen times slower then the YF-1X did. The last one did a Pugachev's Cobra Manuver, (someting that I thought would be immposible for the Banshee-Class Fighter due to it's lack of manuverability and speed. Please Note: The Banshee can do certian manuvers that Human Jet Fighters, (I.E. F-15E Eagles and the like), can't do but with every gift comes a curse they can not perform a lot of the manuvers Human Aircraft can perform and Kids Next Door Intelligence Command, (KNDIC), thought the Puhachev's Cobra was one of them until that day). It's always the last boogie that finds a way to get on your six and is stubbern enough that you can't shake him, that will be the one to get you, or so they say. I didn't get my plasma burn from the intial hit. I ejected at 3,000 feet and landed without a scratch. The plasma burn came from when I met up with the 555TH Infantary Division (555TH ID) of the Kids Next Door Army (KNDA) they handed me an FN FAL with a Banana Clip, and asked you prefer FN Herstal Assault Rifles right? I could only respond with GOD DAMN IT SARGE I'M A FIGHTER PILOT NOT A RIFLEMAN!!!!! To which he responded. DO YOU REMEMBER CADETS NEXT DOOR BASIC (CND BASIC)?!!!!! NOT ONLY DID YOU TRAIN FOR YOUR MILITARY OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALTY (MOS) BUT YOU ALSO TRAINED TO BE A RIFLEMAN YOU WERE STILL TOUGHT BASIC MARKSMANSHIP AND BASIC HAND TO HAND COMBAT. I EXPECT YOU TO BE A RIFLEMAN. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT EVERYONE'S A RIFLEMAN, EVERYONE FIGHTS, AND NO ONE, AND I SAY AGAIN NO ONE CHICKENS OUT IS THAT CLEAR?!!!!! To which I had no choice but to respond with a SIR, YES SIR!!!!! I was forced into a five minute firefight which ended abruptally when I was shot by a Heretic Elite with an Improved Direct Fire Plasma Rifle. He charged me with his Curveblade (a traditional Combat/Utility Knife of Sangheili (Elite as we humans call them) culture). I remembered my Sangheili Martial Arts Training (I was born and raised some of my life on Sanghelios, and my parnts were told after my birth to have me trained in the Sangheili Martial Arts as soon as possible so to stand up to bullies in schools on Sanghelios). I quickly disarmed him and used his own momentium against him to pull him and his neck closer to me so I could stab him in the side of the neck (the carotid artery on a member of the Sangheili species is in the same place as it is on a member of the Human species) with my Survival Knife from my Survival Vest." I added my conlusion to the story. "So you see ladies women like you who are superfcial and only like a man for his looks and/or skill set think that soldiers are attractive because of their ablitiy to protect you and because most soldiers have rip bodies like GI JOE's Muscles. But I have to tell you right here and now war is not plesant, it's not glorious, it is hell plain and simple. I've never forgoten the look of sheer horror on that Heretic Elite's face just before I deilvered the finishing blow. It still haunts me in my sleep to this very day. So ladies please don't think what I went through makes me anymore or anyless of a man it just makes me who I am it makes me, well it makes me, me!!!!!" Just then an Emo Girl in a hoodie came and said. "Robby-Kun it's been a while. Here let me get you away from these Libbies for one second alright?" "Ok, I was getting tired of sitting on my ass anyways. Speaking of which I think my ass just fell asleep do you mind helping me up?" I asked the seemingly mistery girl. "Not at all cupcake." she said to me. "I love you Crystal-Chan!!!!!" I said with much glee. "I love you too Robby-Kun." She said to me. "Lets get you home." She added. "Okay!!!!!" I said happly. To Be Continued. I gotta go to bed.

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