In my anime, i've had many great ideals about what's going to take place, but it is not all perfect like most people expect.For an amateur, this is the second story that got rated a four, ( well just the first season of the show ) so i'm still kind of on track to making it perfect. But i really want help and most likely more personal ideas ( i don't care what they are, i just hope that you at least tell me. ) Speaking of ideas, i really want help on changing the part of how i ( in the story ) got infected with the mysterious chemicals. Which leads me to these sentences.

  • I'm producing an anime ( and/or fan ) club that can help me generate some more ideas or just be there to support the anime in general. ( I'm not desperate!!! ) I REALLY need to begin on this stuff now so that when i get older, there'll be nothin' but smooth sailin'.
  • The whole character thing, i'm not struggling but i could use a little hand coming up with new people ( it is kinda complicating not creating the came person over and over. ) If you could help me out, that'd be HUGELY appriciated because... i don't really... know...
  • The drawing part ( you think i'm gonna say, " i need help" or something, don't you? ) is a piece of cake, i can fly through that with flying colors. The hard part is, the title ( not the TITLE ) just the image of it. Some people say it's not hard at all, but you began to think, " i want this to be completely different, more original" so yeah... those exact words got stuck inside my conscience. So just give me a hint on an image, then i'll draw it and upload so you can probably be amazed. ( PROBABLY! )
  • If you want to be apart of this club, no, if you want to serve a cause large than yourself ( no offense ), this is the time to act now. I want my voice to be heard, i'm tired of not getting my 'piece of the cake', so i'll just do it on my own ( and with you major help ) So if you wan to be apart of something big ( in the future [ maybe like 3 months from now if i do get some help]) i think it'd be best if you gave me a message, or left a support note on my message wall. Thanks!
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