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  • Kagatsuchi519

    In all of my experiences in Rosario Vampire, i really don't understand why Tsukune won't go out with Mizore, i really don't. I know Tsukune has multiple choices, but Mizore is the one who really yearns for his love the most ( i'm not saying that because i'm a huge fan of Mizore but really, she stalks him. ) Mizore is actually the best option for him other than the fact she might kill him if they break up... In season 3, i really pray that they throw everyone else behind them, and they just walk away in the sunset.

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  • Kagatsuchi519

    Really, i have watched Rosario Vampire over more times than i draw, and i'm confused about some parts. I guess i'll just have to start reading the manga version of it because people are starting to say the book gives WAY more information. All i've heard was tsukune got tained and Mizore and Kurumu's parents are more pollite towards each other. I already know about season 3 coming out but i still need to catch up, but there's not really time for that. If someone could list out the events ( in a bulletin style ) on my wall, i'd like that.

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  • Kagatsuchi519

    A Crow's Flight

    June 30, 2012 by Kagatsuchi519

    In my anime, i've had many great ideals about what's going to take place, but it is not all perfect like most people expect.For an amateur, this is the second story that got rated a four, ( well just the first season of the show ) so i'm still kind of on track to making it perfect. But i really want help and most likely more personal ideas ( i don't care what they are, i just hope that you at least tell me. ) Speaking of ideas, i really want help on changing the part of how i ( in the story ) got infected with the mysterious chemicals. Which leads me to these sentences.

    • I'm producing an anime ( and/or fan ) club that can help me generate some more ideas or just be there to support the anime in general. ( I'm not desperate!!! ) I REALLY need…
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