I have three main Rosario Vampire OCs so far. More MAY come later.

Well Anyway here are my characters so far...

Kisa Aono: My Main character. As her name implies, she's the daughter of Tsukune Aono and Moka Akashiya. She arrives at Yokai Acadamy at age 15. She looks like her Mom with her Dad's hair. But, she could care less about her looks. She wears glasses and doesn't have a Rosary. She is of course, half-Vampire and therefor weak. But when her Inner self awakes, her hair turns Blood Red (About the same shade as Koko's) and her eyes are similar to Vampire Moka's. She is scared of stronger Monsters and Inner Moka.

DESIGN: http://simgoddess1.deviantart.com/gallery/27288502#/d33be41

BIO: http://simgoddess1.deviantart.com/gallery/27288502#/d33y3od

Laetia Shirayuki: Laetia is the daughter of Mizore and therefor an Ice Girl or Yuki-onna. She onlt talks about her Grandma, Mom, and younger Twin brothers, Hiroyuki and Eiriol. She NEVER talks about her Father. She has the same personality as Mizore. Her main fear is Wolves.

DESIGN: http://simgoddess1.deviantart.com/gallery/27288502#/d33bfa8

MONSTER DESIGN: http://simgoddess1.deviantart.com/gallery/27288502#/d33tvms

BIO: http://simgoddess1.deviantart.com/gallery/27288502#/d33y3tv

Yen Kurono: The last new student of Yokai. Yen Kurono, son of Gin Morioka and Kurumu Kurono. He is a pervert like his Dad with the obessive behavior like his Mom. I was throwing his looks back and forth and needed help from my sister to name him. He is Half-Incubus (A Male Succubus) and Half-WereWolf. He has no fears that I can think of but, he hates getting rejected.


MOSTER DESIGN (LOOK AT OWN RISK): http://simgoddess1.deviantart.com/gallery/27288502#/d33tv55

BIO: http://simgoddess1.deviantart.com/gallery/27288502#/d33y3x3

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