• Brynno1


    July 29, 2012 by Brynno1

    Hey guess my names bryn im only new to the anime and well Rosario + Vampire is one of my first iv seen gotta amit its alot better then what i thought it would be iv watched both seasons and alittle sad to know that there are troubles with the 3rd season... Iv had alook around the net to see that so many people talking about a third season and to my surprise no one has been correct on the day the thrid comes out if there is any. (Yet) If you think you do let me no wouldnt mind hearing but enough about that the reason i think there's gunna be another season maby more who knows is the things that i know that are bungi had the same problem sept alittle diffrent.. If you don't no who or what bungi is it would be a very big game company it was …

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