Tsurara Shirayuki
Kana 白雪 つらら
Romaji Shirayuki Tsurara
Birthday December 4
Gender Female
Age 34
Race Yuki-Onna
Hair Color Purple/Silver
Eye Color Blue
Technique Cryokinesis
Equipment Ice Claws
Guns that fire snowballs and Ice (manga only)
Personal Status
Relatives Mr. Shirayuki (Husband)
Mizore Shirayuki (Daughter)
Affiliations Yuki-Onna Family
Class Yōkai Academy Graduate
Voice Actor Yūko Minaguchi (Japanese)
Cythia Cranz (English)
Tsurara Shirayuki is Mizore Shirayuki's mother. Like her daughter, Tsurara is very shy and serene, including the tendency to spy behind corners and having a lollipop in her mouth. She comes to the Academy's festival under the belief from her daughter's stories that Tsukune Aono is Mizore's boyfriend. Tsurara is also an avid gun collector, with a wide variety of handguns and rifles stored in her home, because she once dreamed of becoming a spy. However her interest in guns wasn't shown in the anime. In the Manga it is shown that she has a bad habit of creating sharp objects out of ice whenever she gets agitated, said objects are usually directed at the person who agitated her in the first place (i.e Tsukune).

Exclusively in Rosario + Vampire Capu2, Tsurara and Ageha Kurono hold a big grudge against one another, being rivals for the affection of a student during their days as students at Yōkai Academy. In the manga, this grudge doesn't exist, aside from times in the Omake of the season 1 manga book 9 when they bickered about who daughter would be a better wife for Tsukune and the time in season 2 that they held each other at gunpoint (in Ageha's case, at nail-point) during the ensuing chaos on field day. She also runs a ski resort in the human world. (the resort is Anime canon only)

Like Ageha, despite being married and trying to get Tsukune with her daughter, Tsurara is in love with Tsukune.



Tsurara being modest and covering up her breasts, but coincidentally steam smoke from the hot springs is covering her vaginal area.

Tsurara has the appearance of a very youthful and gorgeous woman with purple silver hair that is tied up in a bun with bangs that resemble her daughter's, blue-purple eyes and a lollipop in her mouth, which keeps her body cool in warm climates. She wears a white kimono with a purple obi sash and tabi white socks with black zōri sandals.


Tsurara as a high schooler.

During her enrollment in Yōkai Academy, she let her hair down and wore a plain white shirt, a green suit jacket (like Moka Akashiya's), the green pleated skirt all female students wear, long white knee socks and shoes.



Tsurara's dark personality showing with snow effect by her storm.

At first, Tsurara comes off as a calm and peaceful person, but can be cruel and sneer at others given the right provocation. She does have a temper that flares up dangerously if she's drinking something, such as creating sharp shards of ice when things aren't going the way she wants. Rarely, she'll show surprise on her face like when Tsukune Aono stood up for himself and Mizore Shirayuki after the Snow Oracle kidnapped Mizore.


As a Yuki-Onna (雪女 snow woman), Tsurara has almost complete control over ice at will. Obviously, this means she can freeze and then control any form of water or water based attack. She can form ice spears and wrap ice around her body, usually used in the form of ice claws. It can only be presumed that Tsurara is greater or on par with her daughter when it comes to their individual skills. She is also shown to be more resistant to heat than her daughter as she is able to enter the hot spring with little difficulty. That is because she iced the water around her and dropped the hot spring temperature overall (Again, hot spring scenario is Anime canon only).

In the manga, she was shown to be an expert sniper as she snipes down Ling Ling Huang's Jiang Shi team by using a sniper rifle loaded with ice bullets during the Yōkai Academy Athletics Festival.


Though never mentioned directly, there are several hints given, revealing her age. For Tsurara is described as being very obedient to rules, it can be assumed that she was immediately married when reaching the age of 17 and started having children right away (Mizore). Now, as Mizore is close to her 17th birthday, one has only to do simple mathematics to conclude that Tsurara is about 34 years of age, which is still pretty young. Given the fact that in school they were in the same class as Tsurara, Ageha Kurono and Fujiko Sendo should also be at the age of 34. In the anime, Tsurara was willing to have sex with (or at least seduce) Tsukune, despite knowing Mizore loves him and being married. While she does flirt with Tsukune in the manga, it is rare.


  • Tsurara's dreams of becoming a spy may be where Mizore's tendencies to stalk and spy on others comes from.
  • Tsurara really loves guns due to her dreams of becoming a spy, but prefers Gatling guns which contradicts her dream, as spies are usually stealthy and quiet, while a Gatling gun is loud and easily attracts attention.
  • To hamper the Jiang-Shi (zombies) efforts to win by unfair means in the school sports festival, Tsurara shot them with her long rifle, suggesting crackshot aim and that she would have made a very skilled sniper.
  • Tsurara and her daughter Mizore are the two only characters whose given names are spelled with hiragana.
  • Tsurara's name means "icicle". While "Shirayuki" is a Japanese name based on the name Shirayukihime, literally meaning "Snow White", with "hime" meaning "princess"; and "shira" (typically pronounced as shiro or haku in the Japanese language) means "white" while 'yuki' means 'snow'. This lineage of family name lines up a lot with Tsurara's and Mizore's snow woman or yuki-onna heritage and/or lineage.
  • Her name altogether, or all together means "Icicle Snow White", "Snow White Icicle" or "White Icicle", or "Snow Icicle".
  • In some versions of Japanese manga in the English language, and in the FUNimation English dub of the Rosario + Vampire series, Tsurara's species for "Snow Woman" is fasely labeled as "snow fairy", but her kind cannot not be called 'Snow Fairy' because she is clearly not a fae, not having the wings or magic of a fay, and being human-sized, unlike an actual fairy.
  • Tsurara's name with translating to "icicle" is properly spelled with hiragana.

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