Transformations Edit

Modified Human Form: After having his human body altered by Touhou Fuhai, Tsukune is reborn as a "modified-human". In this form, Tsukune's physical body and regular attacks become greatly enhanced and he gains the ability to use youjutsu techniques, which his original body was unable to do. Thanks to the enhancements made to his form, Tsukune has been shown to fight admirably against the likes of Kuyo and Akua.

Vampire Form: After an injection of Moka's blood, Tsukune can be revived from even fatal wounds and would assume the characteristics and related abilities of a Super-Vampire, but only temporarily. Another, albeit unintended, advantage to this transformation is that it keeps Tsukune's human nature from becoming public knowledge, as humans are significantly weaker than Tsukune is in this form. Naturally, this transfer is not without its drawbacks. When Moka injects her blood into Tsukune, her own strength is diminished by a lack of blood in her own body, but more importantly, Tsukune's body cannot handle the influx of vampiric blood without suffering any aftereffects. Eventually, Moka's bite marks on his neck do not disappear, leaving Tsukune disoriented, as well as experiencing severe pain throughout his body. After several injections of Moka's blood, Tsukune, under extreme stress, managed to invoke the powers of a vampire on his own. After the final injection turned him into a ghoul and he was subsequently sealed by the Holy Lock, Tsukune has gained this form indefinitely. Initially, he could only achieve this form under extreme stress and had little control over his actions during that time, though he has gradually overcome both of these issues through time and training.

Ghoul Form: The constant injections of Moka's blood into Tsukune's body finally went out of control. The result is his transformation into a Ghoul. In this state, black marks spread across his body from his bite marks and eventually consume his entire skin in what appears to be an armored layer, his hair gradually turns white, and he has, in his completely transformed state, grown wings. Tsukune gains a vast increase in both his strength and speed in this state, as well as possessing regenerative powers far superior to even a Vampire-excluding other shinso like Akasha and Alucard. Because of his human origins, he is also immune to all known Vampire weaknesses, even water, the greatest of these weaknesses. However, this transformation comes with a heavy price: Tsukune loses his human consciousness and becomes a mindless killing machine bent on seeking blood. In contrast to his normal, pacifistic self, he expresses a pure, uncontrollable desire to kill, unable to distinguish friend from foe. Eventually, Tsukune is able to access his powers at will, albeit temporarily. Doing so causes one of the many links on the Holy Lock to fracture. Additionally, whenever he finds himself near death, the vampiric blood in his body activates, causing all the links to break at the same time and reverting him back to his ghoul state. However, Tsukune's ghoulish nature can still be stopped with the support of a monster seal barrier spell. As time went on and he adjusted to the changes, Tsukune was taught how to control his yōkai. Power by Ruby using the legendary whip Belmont, a magic canceller. Later, he began training with Inner Moka in order to best utilize this new found power. Tsukune first achieved a complete transformation into a Ghoul during his human modification surgery under Touhou Fuhai, wherein he was injected by 108/109 needles by Touhou Fuhai. Upon witnessing the power of said form Touhou Fuhai stated that he can cause much chaos similar to what Alucard did 200 years ago. This potential is further noted by Gyokuro during her fight with him, during which Tsukune continued to grow even closer to Alucards level. During this fight, Tsukune's right arm further mutated, although it is not known exactly whether Alucard's resonance is to blame or if it is simply a natural evolution for him. This mutated limb was considerably more bulky and demonic than his regular arm, even in his Ghoul form, and maintains a more armored appearance than before.

Jet Black Monster Form: After Tsukune was injected by 108/109 needles by Fuhai's energy and losing consciousness, Tsukune vampiric blood was starting to activate. When vampiric blood was reacted with the human modification ritual and was awakening the shinso blood that has been passed into Tsukune by Moka's injections. Fuhai mentioned that Tsukune in this form would bring the same chaos that Alucard did 200 years ago and why it is called "The Same Smell of Alucard". However Tsukune was stopped by Kurumu's kiss and have been injected by the last needle by Fuhai, Tsukune was returning into a Human Form.

Shinso Vampire Form: After removing the Holy Lock in an attempt to become a vampire, Tsukune begins to transfer blood to a dying Moka in order to save her life, however, both Moka's and Tsukune's Shinso powers begin resonating violently with one another and this causes Tsukune's Shinso power to become highly unstable but because of his weakened state and lack of control it begins to rip apart his human body and starts to crumble away, however, before his life could end, Akua creates a magic circle that connected to Tsukune, which allowed her and his friends to save his life by transferring their powers, discipline and experience to him, this gave him the final push to control the full extent of his Shinso powers, after which Tsukune emerged as a newly born Shinso vampire. In his Shinso form, his hair becomes silver and his eyes turn red with cat-like pupils along with fully developed fangs capable of blood transfusion, in addition his upper body is clad in jet black armor with light tone pauldrons on his shoulders along with giant bat wings protruding from his upper back, giving him flight capabilities. Upon reverting to his normal Shinso form which is similar to his vampire form, Tsukune's hair becomes light brown and his eyes change to light red. i

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