Modified Human Physiology (former): As a human, Tsukune used to rely on his ability to take off Moka's Rosario Cross, releasing her true vampire state, and have her fend off opponents. Thus far, he is the only one who can successfully do so because he truly and unconditionally loves Moka and wishes her no harm, causing her Rosario to accept him. Thanks to Touhou Fuhai, who modified his body, Tsukune became able to use Yōjutsu techniques along with gaining some control over his superhuman strength received from both Moka's blood and the modification ritual.

Vampirism: Due to repeated vampire blood transfusions from Moka, Tsukune gained powers and abilities vastly exceeding those of a human being and arguably most vampires. After his final transfusion, he had become a vampiric ghoul with abilities surpassing a normal vampire at the cost of his sanity. After removing his Holy Lock and receiving support from his friends along with Akua through her Magic Circle spell, he finally gained control over the vampire blood transfused into him and became a Shinso Vampire allowing him rely on his own latent powers to fight.

  • Immense Speed: As a ghoul, Tsukune's speed has been repeatedly shown to be beyond the standards of high level monsters, including speed specialized ones, much less normal humans. Following his training under Moka, his speed was raised enough in his human form to defeat a group of human gangsters, where he described their movements as being too slow to hit him. After his modification and training with Tohou Fuhai, he managed to defeat Kuyō by passing his flames before the heat could affect him and later evade some of Akua Shuzen's attacks, who was noted for her speed, evading her and catching Moka in an embrace. Following the release of his first seal, his speed increased to the point he was able to bypass Kuyō and take him down before the latter could make his own attack as well as pressure Akua into defending herself, which left her open to Moka's own attack. Upon unlocking his second seal, Tsukune was able to kill most, if not all of the mutated ghouls of Gyokuro's Black Parade in seconds and managed to slip inside Gyokuro Shuzen's guard and wound her at her right shoulder before she could react. During their fight, Tsukune was able to keep Gyokuro pressured and cornered before she resorted to releasing her seal to increase her power. After becoming a Shinso Vampire, he was able to instantly destroy Alucard's body alongside Moka.
  • Immense Strength: Tsukune has gained enough raw strength to defeat even high level monsters, such as Kuyō, in a single strike. As a result of this ease, it is also sometimes hard to grasp the actual limits of his physical strength. In his fully transformed ghoul form which is that of a jet black monster, Tsukune's strength became so overwhelming that even Touhou Fuhai barely survived after taking a single blow from him, albeit he was in a weakened state at the time. After his body modification, it is shown that Tsukune is now strong enough in human form to catch a giant pillar with his bare hands, even when it was thrown at him by the likes of Gyokuro Shuzen. After releasing the second seal on his holy lock, he proved strong enough to completely pulverize the ground Gyokuro was standing on and temporarily overwhelm her during their fight, even after she removed her limiter to increase her power. She observed that he was on par with Alucard, potential-wise, at least. After becoming a Shinso, Tsukune's strength becomes stabilized and controllable and was able to easily destroy Alucard's body with simple punches alone.
  • Immense Agility: Tsukune's agility is enhanced to superhuman levels well beyond even the finest human athletes, and can easily swing and jump from one building's roof to another during battle.
  • Immense Reflexes: Tsukune's reflexes are enhanced beyond the human limits. When fighting enemies that are less powerful than vampires, they seem to move in slow motion compared to him, allowing him to quickly counter. Repeatedly, Tsukune has been shown to catch his enemy before they strike him, usually right as he enters the transformed state, and then strike back. Following the release of his first seal, Akua had trouble striking him during their fight, but Tsukune also has trouble striking Akua due to his lack of experience compared to her. Upon unlocking his second seal, Tsukune's reflexes increase to a greater point where he was able to match Gyokuro as an opponent and temporarily best her until his mutation began to hinder him.
  • Immense Durability: The tissues and bones of his body are considerably stronger and more resistant to physical injury than those of ordinary humans and powerful monsters. This is evident even before his body reconstruction as he endured several water bullet attacks and sound based attacks with very little harm compared to his friends, all of whom are powerful monsters in their own right. He competed with Kuyō on equal footing and came out of the battle fairly unscathed. He took a lethal sneak attack from Gyokuro straight to his face and an attack from Hokuto that was aimed to kill Moka where in both cases recovered ominously fast. When transformed into a Ghoul, his endurance works in conjunction with his regenerative abilities and results in an almost unstoppable creature. Ultimately, even Gyokuro Shuzen, who delivered twice as many blows as she received, still fell before Tsukune himself did during their fight when it erupted into a mere punch up, even though he fought Kuyou and Akua before in sequence. Even after receiving a crippling punch in his stomach from Miyabi, Tsukune was still able to get back in the battle and shield Moka by allowing himself to get pierced several times by Alucard's tentacles. Later in his final form as a Shinso Vampire, Tsukune is able to remain conscious after being impaled by another one of Alucard's tentacles through his lower torso, though he is weakened and has trouble standing for a brief time.
  • Immense Stamina: Tsukune's training from Inner Moka has resulted in a musculature that produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than that of an ordinary human or even vampire, allowing him to be physically active for longer periods of time. He has managed to fight Kuyou, Akua and Gyokuro in rapid succession while suffering from only a less than moderate state fatigue. Whatever form he is in, his willpower seems to have some influence on this stamina.
  • Yoki Drain: He can drain Yoki energy (spirit energy) from yoki and anything with spirit energy including demons.
  • Yoki Detection: Tsukune is granted this ability by the vampire blood inside him. After being taught to use this ability by Inner Moka, he is able to sense the demonic aura of other monsters. Later on, Tsukune is shown to use this ability more effectively, as demonstrated when he was able to sense a pitch-black aura being emitted from someone in the Floating Garden, later determining that this aura was in fact being emitted from Gyokuro Shuzen. Later however, it is shown that Tsukune is not always able to sense other monsters due to his lack mastery over this ability, as shown by his ignorance to an invisible monster that would have killed him with poison had he not been saved by Issa Shuzen, who could apparently detect the creature's presence.
  • High-Speed Regeneration: Tsukune has the ability to regenerate at an astonishing rate. After he was mortally wounded during his fight with Midou Kusabi, Tsukune received the final injection of Moka's vampire blood and transformed into a Ghoul. Within moments, his gaping wounds and lacerations began sealing themselves up, much to Midou's surprise and Inner Moka's curiosity. When in his vampire and ghoul forms, respectively, Tsukune's healing powers undergo a proportionate increase, with the latter surviving multiple heavy attacks from Moka and recovering. To some extent, his human form also seems to have a higher level of regeneration than that of a regular human, as he heals far quicker from fatigue or injury than any human being of average health and conditioning would be expected to. This includes receiving a punch from Gyokuro which sent him flying and then being nearly eaten by Alucard, after which he recovered, unassisted and treated, within a few minutes and returned to the battle. Immediately following Gyokuro's initial defeat, during which he received many heavy attacks and a visibly painful set of mutations to his person, Tsukune shrugged it off through willpower and prepared to stand beside his friends to face the Alucard-empowered Gyokuro. As a Shinso, Tsukune is shown to be able to survive and—in anywhere from seconds to minutes—heal from grievous injuries that would normally kill most living things, such as being impaled by one of Alucard's tentacles. If he is anything like other Shinsos, he can probably survive having a limb or his lower torso severed and have such body parts reattach themselves in seconds, provided he does so in time to avoid bleeding to death.
  • Shinso Bloodline: Tsukune has inherited the blood of three shinso vampires, which belonged to Akasha, Alucard and Moka. This blood is corrupted as it also includes a mix of all the blood Alucard had absorbed in the past, granting him a legendary power far greater than any average vampires. The blood was given to him through multiple injections from Moka causing Tsukune's features to change to the tell-tall characteristics of the legendary Shinso vampire, however, this can also result in uncontrollable mutations since the blood propagates inside the host causing the body to change and like Moka it's also the key to reviving the monstrous vampire Alucard but unlike Moka, Tsukune does not possess a seal to prevent Alucard from awakening, but this will only happen if he carelessly unleashes his Shinso power while being near Alucard's body. This also works in vice versa if Alucard is revived causing Tsukune to resonate with the monster and mutate uncontrollably. Touhou Fuhai states that he is one of the successors of the Shinso. Later on, Tsukune eventually transforms into a Shinso vampire after inheriting this bloodline.
    • Immense Demonic Aura: Tsukune's Shinso blood has given him tremendous Yōki that is described as "a darkness deeper than night". When Tsukune utilizes his vampiric powers he radiates a much darker, more potent aura than the usual vampire blood. After his modification and training with Touhou Fuhai, Tsukune can release an aura that terrified even the arrogant Kuyō after entering his vampire form. Upon defeating Kuyō, Tsukune's energy depicted a visage of Alucard, which Ruby (while terrified as well) notes to be far more sinister and horrifying than Kuyō could ever be. During his fight with Gyokuro after releasing his second seal, Tsukune emitted another visage of Alucard that briefly stunned Gyokuro and also made her note that Tsukune is potentially on par with Alucard because of this power and that he is evolving into a being like Alucard.
    • Blood Link: A unique ability Tsukune gained after permanently having Shinso blood flowing through his veins upon having his ghoul nature suppressed by the holy lock. This allows him sense when Moka, the one who gave him the Shinso blood, is feeling great emotional stress and vice versa.
    • Creation: Akua states that the Shinso possess an ability called "Creation." By mixing Yōki into their own blood and controlling it at will, they can transform it into solid matter and mold it into anything they desire. In Tsukune's case he is able to generate a jet-black, steel suit of armor that covers his entire upper body and the sides of his face along with plated armor and shoulder pauldrons. He can also use this ability to make something explode just by hitting it hard enough.
  • Blood Transfusion: Tsukune is able to use this ability by taking off the Holy Lock completely in order to become a true vampire to save and revive Moka by injecting his own blood. Now, as a Shinso vampire, Tsukune has fully enhanced fangs to use this if he needs to.
  • Wealth of Power: Yukari states that all Vampires have an ability called "Wealth of Power." Yukari also states that most vampires have rejected using this ability in spite of its tremendous potential due to their innate narcissism and vanity. When Tsukune's Shinso blood had gone out of control from the incomplete human modification technique casted by Touhou Fuhai, he grew giant bat wings used for flight in his jet black monster form before the modification was complete. After releasing his second seal, Tsukune's features transformed into half vampire and half ghoul and had incomplete bat wings growing out of him, which is due to him having yet to become a true vampire at the time.
    • Flight: After transforming into a Shinso vampire, Tsukune has gained the ability to grow giant bat wings from his upper back giving him flight capabilities. Tsukune originally displayed the ability of flight when he transformed into his jet black monster form when his Shinso blood had gone out of control during his modification.
  • Human Origins: Given that Tsukune was originally human, he is unaffected by coming into contact with water and possibly many other things that vampires are weak against. He also exempts from the rule that prevents monsters from attacking humans, since he was once a human himself and still considers himself as one even after becoming a Shinso Vampire.
  • Immortality: Since he's a vampire, he posses immortality. Being able to live a long period of time and unable to die by conventional methods.
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