Year OneEdit

Freshman Year ArcEdit

Tsukune is an ordinary human, who accidentally enrolled at Yōkai Academy, a school for monsters hidden away from the human world by a large barrier. He meets Moka Akashiya, who accidentally bumps her bicycle to him. At first sight, Tsukune falls in love with Moka and notes that she is the cutest girl he has ever seen in his entire life. Moka then sucks some of his blood and notes that it is the most delicious blood she has tasted. Moka reveals to him that she is a vampire and the two instantly become friends.

Tsukune becomes horrified at first when it was explained at class that the academy is just a school for monsters who have to learn how to disguise themselves as humans so they can co-exist with them. Then, Moka enters the room and upon learning that she and Tsukune will be in the same class, she hugs him and accompanies him in a clingy and intimate manner - to the jealousy of all the guys in the academy especially from Saizo Komiya. Tsukune, blushing and seemingly dazed since Moka is clinging to him, thinks that he won't mind the monsters if he will be with Moka intimately always.

Since Moka never had friends before, she becomes very fond of Tsukune and becomes clingy to him. Moka and Tsukune then explores the different sights in the academy, which resembles a date between the two. However, his friendship with Moka becomes estranged momentarily when Moka learns that he is a human. Tsukune tries to get out of the academy, yet he returns to Moka and releases her Inner personality for the first time (by removing the rosary attached to Moka's necklace) to fight off Saizo Komiya. He says that he doesn't mind if Moka is a vampire and that she is his friend. He then says to Moka that he likes her. His friendship with Moka finally gives him the courage to continue attending Yōkai Academy.

After this, Kurumu Kurono, a once conceited succubus, meets Tsukune and Moka. She was jealous that all the boys were falling for Moka and was trying to turn Tsukune into her slave. However, Tsukune was able to resist her spell and says that he would hurt someone (Moka) if he will succumb to her. Kurumu then attacks Tsukune and Moka who arrived at the scene, but was defeated in a battle when Inner Moka was released. Kurumu learned to be nicer and fell in love with Tsukune.

Tsukune and Moka then try to join a club, but since vampires can't go into water, Moka couldn't join Tsukune in the swim club. Due to Moka's jealousy (since the female swimmers are getting clingy to Tsukune), she goes out. But when Moka returns and finds out that the female swimmers are really man eating mermaids, she jumps to the water even if she knows that water is her weakness - just to save Tsukune. Tsukune unlocks Inner Moka who defeats the vicious mermaid seniors of the club. Inner Moka however berates Tsukune for not considering Outer Moka's feelings as he does not understand her weakness to water.

Deciding to join the Newspaper Club with Tsukune (and Kurumu as well), Tsukune meets the president of the club, Ginei Morioka, a perverted werewolf, during the club's first meeting. At first, Ginei frames Tsukune to make him look bad (or a pervert) to Moka. Ginei's plot to frame Tsukune was later revealed by Kurumu and Tsukune again unlocks Inner Moka to defeat Ginei in his werewolf form.

After the school exams, Tsukune and Moka saves the school genius, Yukari Sendo, an 11 year-old witch, from a group of students who view witches as below them. At first, Tsukune does not like her because of her prankster nature, but later saves her together with Moka and Kurumu. Yukari later transfers to the Newspaper Club, claiming to love Moka AND Tsukune, since they both helped her out.

Around June, Tsukune's birthday comes and he becomes sad because Moka apparently does not remember his birthday. Ms. Hitomi Ishigami, a Medusa and an art teacher, asks Moka to model for her, in exchange for drawing lessons. Thanks to Tsukune's suspicions, he comes just in time and unlocks Inner Moka to defeat Ishigami, who tries to turn Moka into a stone statue. Moka was saved from becoming a stone statue like the other students that Ishigami had petrified before by using her biting snake hair. After the incident, Moka reveals a painting to Tsukune (which is her gift to him) and says that she loves him. Moka explains to him that she attended Ms. Ishigami's class so she can learn how to paint.

Security Committee ArcEdit

Tsukune's identity as a human is seemingly discovered by the Student Police, who take it in their stride to eliminate Tsukune and the Newspaper Club. Tsukune attempts to protect friends again by casting himself in front as a human shield, but this leads him to sustain near-death injuries. In a last-ditch effort to save his life, Moka transfers some of her vampire blood into him, allowing him to be reborn with semi-vampire powers. This allows him to save Moka from a fatal attack from Kuyō which gives him the chance to defeat him and put an end to the Committee's cruel regime.

Tsukune awoke the next day to find Moka cooking for him. After eagerly tucking into her food, Tsukune reveals that his memory is a blank following intercepting Kuyo's attack on Moka. Moka covers up the fact that she injected her blood into Tsukune to save him and that he defeated Kuyo. Kurumu and then Yukari come up to him after they arrived on campus nearly telling (in 2 separate run-ins) about Tsukune's change. First Moka panicked and shushed Kurumu and then when Yukari nearly blabbed Kurumu and Moka glossed over the moment.

However, Tsukune found himself sneak attacked by Chopper Rikishi, a member of the wrestling team who told him that he'd beaten Kuyo. Tsukune flatly denied this until Gin backed up Rikishi's claim. Seeing Gin, Rikishi backed off. Flustered, Tsukune asked Gin what he meant, to which Gin told him that Moka had given him some of her blood and that he'd become a temporary Vampire and beaten Kuyo. Then, Gin dropped a snide remark that he could still be a Vampire. Shocked and confused, Tsukune made his way to the roof and mentally poured over what he'd heard.

Soon after, Moka showed up and asked Tsukune if she could suck his blood. Exasperated, Tsukune refused repeatedly until he told her that he'd heard the truth. He seemed very distressed that he'd heard it from Gin, and shouted at her in his distress. After Moka bolted in shame, Rikishi headed up and attacked Tsukune again. After Moka showed up to see Rikishi in his Troll form attacking Tsukune, Rikishi revealed his irritation at Tsukune's "refusal" to transform and fight by taking Moka hostage and threatening to break her neck. After Moka said why she hadn't told him, Rikishi announced his intent to kill Moka and Tsukune tried to fight back. Delighted at Tsukune's consent to fight Rikishi tried to attack, but Moka got to Tsukune first and infused him with her blood again. Once again a Temporary Vampire, Tsukune heard Inner Moka's briefing on the effects and he then beat Rikishi. 

Witch's Knoll ArcEdit

During a summer trip to the Human World, Tsukune and the others meet a witch named Ruby Tōjō, who despised humans for killing her parents while she was a child. She tries to recruit Yukari to join her cause to destroy the human city, but Yukari turns her down. Enraged, Ruby attacks them; and mortally wounds Tsukune. Moka has once again injected Tsukune with her blood and he defeats her. Ruby later confesses her distress to them, but leaves for Witch's Knoll to meet with her mistress and adoptive mother, Lady Oyakata, who plans to use an army of Hanabake plants to vanquish the human city. However, after seeing the kindness that Tsukune and his friends offered, Ruby urges her mistress to reconsider. Enraged, Oyakata binds Ruby and begins her attack. Tsukune and the others arrive in time to plead with Oyakata not to attack; her army of Hanabake plants surround them, forcing Tsukune and the others to take an offensive stance. While Kurumu and Yukari attacked the plants, Tsukune releases Inner Moka once again, and watched as she defeated Oyakata with the help of Ruby's wand. Ruby is left to recover from the loss of her mistress and adoptive mother.

Mizore ArcEdit

Returning to school, Tsukune encounters Mizore Shirayuki, a Yuki-Onna who becomes obsessed with him. Mizore believes that the two of them are very alike, and even takes him out on a reluctant date. Nevertheless, Tsukune turns her down, and in a spark of rage, Mizore freezes him in a block of ice. With the arrival of Kurumu and Moka, they defeat Mizore and save Tsukune. However, Tsukune believes that Mizore is not evil - merely misunderstood and lonely. He sets out to find her despite warnings from Okuto Kotsubo, and discovers that Mizore had once liked Kotsubo, and he subsequently tried to take advantage of her. Kotsubo reaches her first and attempts to kill her in his Kraken form, but Tsukune and Moka save her, and Mizore joins the Newspaper club and their group.

Monstrel ArcEdit

Tsukune is soon beset upon by members of ANTI-THESIS, namely Midou Kusabi, who wish to overthrow the peace of Yōkai Academy and exact their revenge upon purebred Yōkai, whom they see as arrogant monsters that mistreat Outcast Ayashi. Moka is abducted by them, and Tsukune rushes to save her. In the process, Tsukune is attacked by Midou and left to die. Inner Moka notices his injuries include a shattered shoulder and severe blood loss. Facing pressure from Tsukune himself, Moka injects him with vampire blood once more, granting him the power to defeat Mido, despite the latter rigging the arena with sprinklers to severely weaken vampires.

Inner Moka thinks the injection of blood was worthless until Tsukune catches her. He gets up and stares at Midou, who says the fight has gotten entertaining. Realizing that Tsukune isn't suffering from her blood, Inner Moka realized what it meant and tries to warn Midou not to attack. Tsukune then not only hits Midou hard in the belly, he then drops him to the ground and continues striking him, ignoring the fact he could kill him. The other assembled monstrels try to stop Tsukune, only for him to rout each of them with ease. Inner Moka then explains to Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari, who are horror-stunned at Tsukune's vicious behavior; that the ferocity of a vampire (which resides in a Vampire's blood as well as their nature) has now become Tsukune's nature. Moka also says the injection of too much blood into Tsukune has transformed him into an irreversible Ghoul, and she has no choice but to put him down. A tough fight ensues, with Moka and Ghoul-Tsukune exchanging powerful blows. Thankfully, the intervention of Tenmei Mikogami and Ruby Tojo put the fight to a halt. Mikogami uses his rosary to dispel Tsukune's ghoulish powers and seal them into a Holy Lock.

In the hospital, Ruby reveals that after her recovery, she joined Yōkai Academy as Mikogami's aide. Mikogami tells Tsukune that his Holy Lock keeps his yōkai sealed, and protecting it is responsibility, lest the ghoul inside him re-emerges. Meanwhile, Moka feels guilty for Tsukune's ghoul transformation that left him on the verge of death. She refuses to see him, and is mind-controlled to attack Tsukune by Mako Yakumaru, another member of ANTI-THESIS. Although the mind-control wore off easily, he still wished to see Moka and tell her that he forgives her for her actions. Tsukune is attacked by Mako herself; Moka arrives just in time to save Tsukune. He confesses that he wants her to stay at the academy by his side. However, Moka doesn't turn up for school for most of the week, making him sink into despair. After Kurumu has a heart to heart with Moka, Tsukune is happy to see her back in school the next day.

One day, Tsukune feels incredibly thirsty, downing multiple bottles of water to try quenching his thirst. While heading to school with Moka, Tsukune notices she's very pale, making her trip in embarrassment of him being too close. Though Moka says she's okay, Tsukune notices her knee bleeding, seemingly becoming entranced by the sight of her blood. Tsukune is brought back to his senses by a kick from her, leaving him baffled as to what happened. He follows after her to try to explain things. Taking a break during club activities, Tsukune notices Moka almost faint while drinking more water. Grabbing her, Tsukune expresses his concerns, but is told to back away. He then notices Moka has become so pale, he can see her veins. Seemingly in a daze again, Tsukune finds himself leaning in to bite her. Luckily, Moka knocks him away in fright. Tsukune then becomes equally scared, wondering what he was just about to do; Moka faints.

After taking Moka to the nurse, Tsukune realizes what he's thirsty for is her blood. He then meets Hyakushiki, a centipede graduate of the school, who loves devouring people. Tsukune becomes frightened/sickened to hear Hyakushiki say they're kindred spirits when it comes to "food". Moka arrives and is captured by Hyakushiki, using her blood to entice Tsukune in submitting to his bloodlust. Tsukune does lose control, but defeats the vile monster to save Moka; he has no memory of this. Taking Moka home, Tsukune asks why she has been avoiding him, only to be shocked when Moka says it's because she's been thirsting for his blood so bad. Tsukune allows Moka to drink his blood to keep her healthy. He then promises himself that he never hurt her no matter how much he craves the taste of her blood.

Anti-Thesis ArcEdit

At lunch the next day, Tsukune is taken to see the Headmaster, only to be shocked to find Mikogami has the position. The reason he was brought there was to be told he's to be expelled to show students the faculty won't tolerate the Anti-Thesis's actions against them. Tsukune tries to tell Mikogami that he wants to stay because of his friends, but Mikogami tells him that his friends are the ones who are destroying him. Tsukune is later seen walking on the roof, where Moka sees him. Moka tells him that the whole club defended his innocence and Tsukune told her she doesn't have to worry about him anymore. He walks away but Moka stops him. Hearing what the Headmaster said to him, Tsukune walks off.

Tsukune is seen on the side of the roof, thinking what he should do, where he sees the Graffiti Demon. Tsukune asks the why the Anti-Thesis are targeting him and the Graffiti Demon tells him their boss has a special interest in him while the rest of them can't forget what Tsukune did to Mido and Mako. The Graffiti Demon transforms his legs into blades and cuts Tsukune with extreme speed. He then tries to kill Tsukune, but is stopped by Moka telling the Graffiti Demon that getting Tsukune expelled should be enough. Tsukune asks her how did she find out and Moka told him that she asked a teacher. Moka him that she'll quit school and will go to the human world with him. The Graffiti Demon tells Tsukune that it's convenient for him that Moka showed up since they mean to destroy the whole club. He challenges Tsukune to stop him from killing her. Tsukune tries to stop him, but isn't fast enough.

The Headmaster's words ringing in his head, he decides that even if it is true, he won't let the Anti-Thesis hurt her. He forces his vampire powers to the surface and stops the Graffiti Demon and punches him in the face, knocking him through the roof's railings. Tsukune shows pride at bringing out his vampire power at will. Mikogami appears, congratulating him for catching the Graffiti Demon and he passed his test. Mikogami withdraws Tsukune's expulsion if he helps with certain matters. While Tsukune wonders if the whole event was a test, Mikogami explains to Tsukune that the school festival is coming and the festival committee is understaffed. He tells Tsukune is free to reject the offer, but the consequence will be expulsion. Moka tries to stop him from accepting the offer, but Tsukune says he won't be the only one to run away. Tsukune accepts the offer stating he's staying with his friends.

The next day, Tsukune is walking to the festival committee HQ, where he'll be volunteering. He soon runs into Hokuto Kaneshiro, who welcomes him to the committee. Once inside, Tsukune finds out that Hokuto is the student council president. Once the meeting began, Mizuki Ueshiba asks Tsukune what brings him to the school council. Hokuto then talks about how the school will not back down against the Anti-Schoolers. Later, Tsukune is seen walking (probably to the Newspaper club room) where Mizuki introduces himself to him. Tsukune tells Mizuki that he likes Hokuto's will for peace. Mizuki then tells Tsukune that somebody on the school council is an Anti-Schooler spy. In shock, Tsukune yells out, but Mizuki pulls him away when someone was coming (Kurumu and Mizore). Tsukune asks Mizuki is the rumor true and Mizuki asks did anyone tell him that. Then Mizuki tells Tsukune that he can just "beat 'em up like usual", where Tsukune asks how does he know that. At that moment Tsukune finds out that Mizuki is the spy, so Mizuki turns into a worm and drags him underground and snaps his neck. When Mizuki attacks Kurumu and Mizore, Tsukune pulls him underground, then knocks him to the sky stating he will never forgive anyone who attacks his friends. Later, Hokuto appears and apologizes to him for getting hurt on the first day. Tsukune asks Hokuto to promise to not let the Anti-Schoolers win and bring peace to the academy. Hokuto tells them they will join forces to bring peace to the school.

Tsukune is shown roaming the halls with Hokuto stating that the school looks festive for once. Hokuto explains that the festival is a student celebration and a reunion all in one. Hokuto tells Tsukune they have 3 days to showcase peace. Tsukune is later seen talking to Hokuto about school festival activities. Tsukune later runs into Kiria who scares him off. Tsukune later overhears Moka telling the club that Hokuto is an Anti-Schooler, but doesn't believe her and heads to the student council. As he goes to the student council, Tsukune mentally debates the issue, resolving to speak with Hokuto about it. When Tsukune enters the meeting room, he finds that Hokuto has killed every member on the committee. Realizing the horrible truth, Tsukune learns Hokuto is the leader of the Anti-Schoolers. Tsukune then tells Hokuto how he respected them, but Hokuto tells him he only seeks knowledge and tries to kill Tsukune, but Kurumu, Yukari, and Mizore save him. Ruby appears and tells them that Kiria has kidnapped Moka and the Newspaper Club engages Hokuto in battle and defeats them. The Newspaper Club then delivers Hokuto to Mikogami, who seals him in a barrier.

Tsukune then learns that he was used to flush Hokuto out. Soon he sees Hokuto breaks Mikogami's barrier and attacks Mikogami. Hokuto reveals that he used Tsukune to get Mikogami's magic Rosary and destroy the school by dissolving the Great Barrier. Tsukune punches Hokuto while shedding tears. Bringing his vampire powers to the surface, Tsukune resolves to take Hokuto down. Hokuto then claims Tsukune can never defeat him. Hokuto then seals his friends. Mikogami tells Tsukune if the Great Barrier was destroyed, then a war between monster and humans will break out. Fearful for both his family and his monster friends' fates, Tsukune soon engages Hokuto in battle for the rosary but to no avail. Soon, Inner Moka appears with her rosario seal broken. When Tsukune asks how she is here Moka tells him that she'll tell him later. Hokuto wonders why Tsukune is trying to protect the school since Tsukune is a human, which surprises Tsukune that Hokuto knows. Soon Moka and Tsukune followed Hokuto to the Altar of Everlasting Darkness, where he begins to dissolve the Great Barrier. Moka kicks him and tries to reverse the process, but Hokuto gets up and reveals that he has a holy lock and he was once human.

Hokuto transforms and attacks them. Tsukune finds Moka injured from protecting him. Inner Moka told Tsukune that it was Outer's determination to save him that she broke the seal and told him she will protect him. Tsukune thinks of a way to reach him and grabs one of his arms, showing his ghoulish markings, telling Moka to attack him, knocking him out. Soon Kurumu, Yukari, Mizore, and Ruby appear and with Moka put their power into the Great Barrier. With their power not being enough, Tsukune places his power into it. Hokuto telling him it was useless, Tsukune reminds Hokuto of the first time they met and still believes he'll bring peace to the school. Hokuto places his power into the Great Barrier and tells him if they met in different terms they could've been friends, fainting in Tsukune's arms. Later, Tsukune wakes up in the infirmary with Moka (with her seal fixed by Mikogami) hugging him. Later that night the Newspaper Club head to the school festival.

School Festival ArcEdit

On the first night of the festival, Tsukune rescues Moka from a mob outside the goldfish scoop booth that were drooling over her, taking notice of what Hokuto said about the festival was true -- it's three days to showcase peace. When Moka asks him to spend the evening with her, Tsukune agrees, only to get dragged by Mizore and Kurumu to meet their respective mothers, who they both lied to, saying he was either their boyfriend or fiancee. Falling into despair, Tsukune is saved from the unwanted obligations of having dinner with the mothers by Mizore, who created ice dolls of him to take his place. Finding Moka on the roof, Tsukune saves her from being raped by a Yōkai graduate with no interest in Moka's rejection. After explaining she was the first person to ask him to spend the evening with them, Tsukune plays goldfish scooping with Moka.

The next night, much to his horror/shock, Tsukune finds his cousin Kyōko had gotten to Yōkai Academy. Trying to keep her from learning of the school's true nature, Tsukune nearly had his efforts ruined by Kurumu, Mizore, Ruby, Ms. Nekonome, and several students who heard about his saving Moka yesterday. After Kyōko tells him her heavily mistaken idea of what the school is about, Tsukune carries her away when the Yōkai graduate he knocked off the roof comes looking for revenge. After getting Kyōko a safe distance away, Tsukune hears a gunshot and runs back to save his friends, surprise-attacking him once more. He manages to get Kyoko to stop asking questions about Yōkai, preparing to send her home. However, Kyōko mentions a package she was supposed to deliver their; no one's come to claim.

A giant frog arrives and chases after them, making Kyōko think the school is trying to scare guests as part of the festival; she takes off in free after the frog approaches again. Tsukune learns the Bus Driver is riding the frog, looking for an artifact called Lillith's Mirror; if Kyōko has it, things will get pretty bad. No sooner had he begun looking for the mirror, Tsukune and the other finds Kyōko with Inner Moka, having just been saved from several monsters turned back into their true forms. It is then revealed that Ms Ishigami was behind the mess, using the mirror to change the rest of the club into their true forms. Though he tries going after the mad woman, Tsukune is assaulted by Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari and Ruby, each trying to seduce him thanks to their true desires being released. He brings them back to their senses after Inner Moka goes after Ishigami, saying no one could replace them or Moka. He then saves Moka from Ishigami by pulling off the rosario.

As a result of the destruction Ishigami caused with the mirror, Tsukune had to go home to Human World because Yōkai needed to close for repairs. However, his trip home was met with chaos when Moka, Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore arrived and began fighting like usual over him. While Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari fought in anger, Tsukune tried stopping them. Moka arrived and had him release Inner Moka, who knocked them out. Tsukune was sad to see his friends leave (which was because of the destruction the caused to the neighborhood park), but promised to see them again.

Year TwoEdit

Return to Yōkai Academy ArcEdit

Tsukune returns to Yōkai Academy after the school has been rebuilt and is happy to soon see his friends. Tsukune then learns that they all are in the same homeroom (due to the Headmaster). However, things go awry when Moka is given a love potion by Yukari and Tsukune tries to hold himself back as Moka is finally returning his feelings. However, despite Kurumu and Mizore's attempts to stop Moka, it ends up being an accidentally released Inner Moka that stops Tsukune from finally kissing the girl of his dreams (Moka).

Later, Tsukune takes part in the "self-study" program with his friends to find a Durian fruit loved by monsters right after Kurumu declares a contest between the girls to find the fruit and split it with Tsukune (much to his displeasure as the fruit is disgusting to him). Despite his attempts to have his friends search for normal fruit and keep them safe from the dangers of the Yōkai forest, Moka ends up eaten alive by the Monster Fruit's true form. However, Tsukune jumps into its gut and unseals Inner Moka, defeating the Durian. He then got indigestion from ingesting some of the fruit after his friends begged him to try it. This marked the first time the fruit hunt had no deaths. (Only sickness from food poisoning)

Phantom Thieves ArcEdit

Some time later, Tsukune was being chased by the Headmaster's pet Monster Porcupine and was saved by Moka's younger sister, Kokoa Shuzen. However, he later ended up being temporarily put in a comatose state by accident when Kokoa hit him with a desk during her attempt to get Outer Moka to transform into Inner Moka. After learning about the sister's history together, Tsukune figures Kokoa kept attacking Moka to get attention as she had no one to fight. However, Tsukune ended being wrong and managed to release Inner Moka before Kokoa could squash them with a morning-star. To further his surprise, Kokoa only accepted Inner Moka as her sister.

Some time later, students were being attacked by an unknown assailant. When Kokoa dragged Moka over to an abandoned prison to investigate, Tsukune followed and was accidentally clobbered by Moka in the dark. Before he could try calming Kokoa down, Tsukune saved her from the punch of a Minotaur, taking the hit himself and passing out. Tsukune later awoke to find himself, Moka and a few students held captive in one of the cells with the Minotaur's boss and another colleague. They were thieves who had stolen several bags of money from an armored car, but had to hide out in Yōkai Academy's grounds. Tsukune then had his appearance copied by the boss, a Doppelganger, and watched hopelessly (via Shikigami) as his friends were being tricked. However, after the doppelganger failed to react as he did to his friends' normal behavior, Tsukune felt they would survive. However, the remaining thief transformed into a Ground Spider and fatally stabbed him three times.

Luckily, once again, Moka's vampire blood saved him and Tsukune knocked the thief out. However, as he had spent half a year living peacefully in the Human World, Tsukune lost his sense of reason and was guided by his desire to save his friends. He arrived just in time to stop the Doppelganger (who now looked like Kurumu) from killing Kurumu and continued to fight him. However, as the fight continued, Tsukune lost complete control and began to turn into a ghoul again. However, the doppelganger opened his shirt to flash Tsukune. Luckily, Tsukune's modest nature towards such a thing caused him to have a nosebleed, temporarily stunning him. He was then brought back to his senses by Yukari and Ruby's combined magic. After the thief took on Inner Moka's appearance, Tsukune removed the real Moka's Rosario and placed it on the thief to weaken him. This allowed the News Club to win with the combined efforts of Kurumu, Mizore and Inner Moka.

New and Old Club members ArcEdit

Soon after the defeat and capture of the thieves, the News Club began a recruitment drive for new members, which Tsukune saw as troublesome as they received so many applications. During this time, he noticed Yukari and Kokoa were nowhere to be found and later saw one of Yukari's untested potions (Gro-gro drops) had turned Kokoa back into a kid. Unlike the rest of the Club, Tsukune did not tease Kokoa or treat her like a child. After the girls stick Kokoa in a ridiculous dress, Tsukune became disturbed as Kurumu and Mizore talked about what children they have with him would look like. Soon after Kokoa snaps from the rest of the club's mistreatment of her, Tsukune was then only one not to take the Gro-Gro Drops and fight the Karate Club. The fight scared potential new News Club members away, but Kokoa joined.

Soon after, a prankster monster had been slashing girl's uniforms and Gin was the prime suspect. However, despite the evidence pointing towards Gin, Tsukune believed that even though Gin was a pervert, he wouldn't go so far. It is later revealed that a girl with a crush on Gin had been committing the pranks and Gin was given a sound beating by Kurumu, Mizore and Kokoa just for being such a jerk about it.

Land of the Snow Fairies ArcEdit

Upon reaching summer, Tsukune (along with the rest of the club) were invited to Mizore's village as guests for a ceremony. During the night, Tsukune was taken by Mizore to a field of flowers, where she explained about her culture and past. Tsukune was nearly forced to have sex with Mizore due to the aphrodisiac smell that came from the flowers, but a monster made of snow kidnapped her while he blacked out. Tsukune regained consciousness in Mizore's home to learn that the Snow Fairy leader, the Snow Oracle, had kidnapped Mizore as she had been promised to another man. Not wanting his friend to go through with an arranged marriage, Tsukune snuck into the ceremony, disguised as a girl, with the others and proceeded to find Mizore. As the group made it to the flower ceremony Tsukune, Kurumu, and Yukari split up while Moka, Kokoa, and Ruby provided a distraction in order to make sure that they were not followed.

As Tsukune and the others made their way through the Snow Oracle's palace a mysterious man blocked their way, the man introduced himself as Miyabi Fujisaki and surmised that Tsukune and the others were after Mizore and went on to explain that the village offered up Mizore to him and to his organization and also told them that they should abandon their attempts as they most likely would never see her again. Visibly disturbed by Miyabi's revelation Tsukune could only verbally express that he could not believe what was going on, a short time later Mizore (or rather an ice doll in Mizore's likeness) appeared and explained that everything that Miyabi said was true, and further went on to say that she has been dirtied and cannot go back with them as she saw herself body and soul unworthy of loving Tsukune anymore and told her friends to leave and not come back.

Tsukune on the verge of tears, walked towards Mizore's doll in an attempt to console her saying that it was his own fault that this had happened at that he would make it up to her. Tsukune then reached his hand out to the ice doll offering that they all leave together, but before he could reach her the doll shattered. As Tsukune looked on Miyabi burst out into hysterical laughter and went on to say that Mizore was worthless as she would not stop crying after he groped her and that all he got out of her was a kiss before she ran off. At that point Tsukune had heard enough and flew into a rage and immediately tried to attack Miyabi, but Miyabi simply side stepped him and then struck Tsukune in the back with his fist which sent Tsukune crashing face first into the floor seemingly rendering him unconscious. Immediately after Kurumu attempted to strike Miyabi, but he caught her by her wrist and held her firmly in place. But before any harm could befall her, Tsukune in temporary vampire mode ordered Kurumu to duck as he delivered a full force punch straight to Miyabi's face which sent him flying through several stone pillars and left him buried under a pile of rubble. After dealing with Miyabi, Tsukune declared that they needed to reach Mizore quickly and they set off once more after her.

After making their way up a staircase Tsukune and the others found the real Mizore who was standing in front of an open window and told them that she had asked them not to come. Tsukune and the others could only look on in horrified shock as they realized that Mizore was about to jump, Mizore then apologized to them and then leaped out of the window, but before she could hit the ground Kurumu rescued her and brought her to Tsukune and Yukari, the former of who broke down in tears of joy that Mizore was now safe. The joy would be short lived however, as Tsukune received a transmission from Ruby telling him and the others to get out quick as the enemy is much stronger than they thought, but before she could go into any further detail the transmission cut out shortly after Tsukune picked up another transmission from Kokoa who simply said "Big sister Kalua." before it cut out as well.

Tsukune then began to feel uneasy and began to question what was going on in the village when he and his friends were surrounded by a group of gun wielding men, but managed to escape before they were captured with Mizore making ice dolls to pose in their place, and managed to arrive in time to assist Moka. Once there they learned the truth that Mizore was to be an offering to keep Miyabi and Kahlua's organization known as "Fairy Tale" from destroying the village and killing its inhabitants and now that the original plan had been compromised, Kahlua, under orders, begins her assault. Kahlua easily dealt serious wounds to the whole group most of whom were rendered unconscious, but before she could kill anyone Tsukune managed to remove Moka's Rosario before Kahlua in her frenzy ended up killing her.

From then on Tsukune could only watch as Moka did battle with her older sister who removed a limiter of her own and transformed her arm into razor sharp bat wings and despite Moka inflicting serious injury upon her Kahlua did not go down and managed to impale Moka but before Kahlua could deliver the killing blow she was intercepted at the last second by Miyabi Fujisaki who told her that their purpose in the snow village had been met, and that he was cancelling her orders to kill everyone and goes on to leave with Kahlua who fell unconscious in Miyabi's arms due to the injuries she sustained. Shocked at what just transpired Tsukune asked Miyabi what his purpose was and why he was so aggressive towards Mizore and her village. Miyabi replied that the day when he understands everything is coming and when it does the two of them will meet again before he and Kahlua boarded a helicopter and took off. As Miyabi was walking away Tsukune noticed that the unconscious Kahlua still had one of her limiters on and quickly realized that not only was Fairy Tale only toying with them but they could have easily killed Tsukune and his friends. Now having some idea of what the future had in store for him and his friends Tsukune knew he would have to get stronger. After Tsukune and his friends recovered from their injuries they were all thanked by the Snow Oracle for helping the village fight off Fairy Tale before they returned to the academy.

Before Tsukune's group leave, the spirit of the Snow Oracle prophesies to Mizore that Tsukune and Moka have a "special destiny" and a"destiny that will move the whole world".

Training ArcEdit

After returning from the Land of the Snow Fairies, Tsukune is put to sleep by Ruby on the Headmaster's orders and brought to another dimension called Paradise to train his control of his vampire powers. However, it is later revealed this "paradise" is for extinct and uncontrollable monster-beasts (different from the monsters he goes to school with). Despite Ruby's perverted way of training him, Tsukune managed to get the hang of mastering his power. To Tsukune's shock, Inner Moka decided to take over his training and Tsukune decided to be ready for it the next day. However, Inner Moka stole the Headmaster's prized artifact Belmont from Ruby and decided to go shopping with him instead. While evading attacks from Kurumu, Yukari, Mizore and Ruby, Tsukune was taught on the spot by Inner Moka how to detect supernatural auras. However, Tsukune ended up kicked by Inner Moka for hugging her to help save her. After things got sorted, Tsukune was put through nearly two weeks of hell by Inner Moka, but got better at fighting. After which, he was temporarily put under Kurumu's charm spell again due to a plot by Kokoa to separate him from Outer Moka. However, Tsukune (despite having no memory of it after the spell was undone) was only hanging out with Kurumu and listening to her feelings.

Second battle with Fairy Tale ArcEdit

Once summer arrived, the Headmaster granted the News Club permission to go to the Human World again. By this time, Tsukune had been getting nowhere in his training as he needed a reason to fight (such as protecting his friends) and was about to tell Moka that he wished to stop training with her Inner self. However, he ended up having to save Moka and a Youkai alumnus named San Otonashi from a group of human mobsters wanting to exploit San's powers. During the fight, Tsukune discovered that it was only against Inner Moka that he'd shown no progress, against the mobsters, he was much better. Tsukune then helped out at the inn San worked at by calling in customers to help replace the missing money for the bank payment. After which, the head of Fairy Tale's seventh branch "God" Kanade arrived and tried to recruit San. However, Tsukune and the rest of the News Club fought off his minions while San dismembered Kanade with her voice. Tsukune and friends, then watched as San offered Marin revenge for her husband's death, which was part of Kanade's killing spree upon being sent to the area. They were very surprised that San's offer of revenge included not only taking Kanade's life (Sun hadn't killed him), but to kill San herself. As a Siren like Kanade himself, she was ready to die for his crimes. Tsukune was happy to see San's boss and mother-figure Marin not only accepted the existence of monsters, but still cared for her and told San their dream for the inn required both of them. They all then beheld San bawl in thanks of still being accepted. Much to Tsukune's surprise, he found San now admired him.

Fang Fang ArcEdit

After returning to Yōkai, Tsukune found himself concerned about the future of his friendship with the other girls once confessed his feelings to Moka. However, this thought was put aside once Fang Fang Huang arrived at Yōkai and tried to recruit him into his family mafia, believing Tsukune destroyed the seventh branch of Fairy Tale (which was actually done by Gin and Haiji while they fought Kanade). However, Tsukune kept protesting to the offer, which forced Fang Fang to summon a phoenix, which disobeyed him, to force Tsukune to join if he loses to him. However, Tsukune defeated the phoenix, but Fang Fang kept trying to recruit him. Some time later, unbeknownst to Tsukune, he was helping Yukari, who had switched bodies with Fang Fang, repair the device that switched them in the first place. However, Tsukune ended up getting beaten up by girls during the physical examination after Yukari was successful in switching herself and Fang Fang's minds back. Soon, the peaceful sports festival began and Fang Fang's sister Ling Ling, a Jiang Shi, arrives and tries to barter Tsukune's employment in the mafia for a free trip to the Huang hot springs. However, Tsukune tried to put this out of his mind and enjoy a bento box meal both Moka's had made for him. Unfortunately, an army of Jiang Shi being controlled by Ling Ling trampled it and Tsukune released Inner Moka to beat them up.

The Rosario Breaks! Moka's Hidden Memories ArcEdit

Some time later, Inner Moka decided to take Outer Moka's place for a school day and Tsukune was forced to remove the Rosario as the Headmaster would refuse to let them use Belmont after Inner Moka's previous theft of it. Tsukune got to enjoy a pumpkin pie made by Inner Moka as thanks for taking care of Outer Moka. However, once the Rosario was back in place, Outer Moka did not return much to his and their friends shock. Fang Fang and Ling Ling revealed that they heard the Rosario seal weaken and that the Headmaster lacked the proper magic to properly repair it. So, Tsukune, along with the rest of the News Club (minus Gin) boarded Fang Fang's private family plane and headed to the Huang residence in China where another Dark Lord was, to repair the Rosario. Along the way, the plane was attacked by a gremlin agent from Fairy Tale, which forced them to abandon the plane and go the rest of the way on a dragon summoned by Fang Fang.

Once there, Tsukune was tricked into a Mafia initiation game by Fang Fang's parents and after that was over, he met the Dark Lord (who happened to be Fang Fang's grandfather and head of the Huang family) Fuhai Tohou. However, when Fuhai tried to repair the Rosario, Tsukune's soul was sucked into the Rosario along with Fuhai's and Mizore's. Inside, he witnesses memories that neither Moka remembered, and learned Moka possessed a powerful blood given to her by her mother called Shinso that made her the target of the once defeated Alucard who was buried below her house and would awaken if Moka activated her Shinso blood in its presence. However, Tsukune learned that the Moka he loved was a fake personality created by the Rosario by Inner Moka's mother Akasha Bloodriver. This threw him into despair, preventing him from escaping the Rosario as Fuhai's repairs began. Tsukune was nearly trapped until he saw an early memory of Outer Moka and remembered he once felt alone at Yōkai until she became his friend. After being rescued from the Rosario by Kurumu, Tsukune watched as Inner Moka was forced by her eldest sister Akua Shuzen to board a Fairy Tale blimp in exchange for not slaughtering him and the rest of the club.

Preparation for Moka's Rescue ArcEdit

After Moka departed, Tsukune was surprised to see Hokuto and Kiria arrive. Hokuto proposed an alliance to rescue Moka in exchange for bringing down Fairy Tale. To further help, Mikogami allowed Ruby, Gin, Haji and Kokoa from Youkai Academy to help out. Seeing as he was too weak to rescue Moka in his current state, Tsukune had Fuhai perform a body modification technique on him to allow him to better control the monster power Moka's blood gives him to learn new combat techniques. However, right before the process could finish, the Shinso blood Moka had injected him with went out of control and turned him into a demonic monster form with bat wings - this monster was described by Fuhai as being "worse than a ghoul" and as having the "smell of Alucard". However, despite the blood being in control of him, Tsukune was fully aware of what was happening. Tsukune was saved from this by Kurumu, who kissed him and brought his soul back, allowing Fuhai to finish the modification and revert him to human form. After recovering the next day, Tsukune saw he was no longer constantly thinking of Moka. With this in mind, he began his training with Fuhai to get stronger and rescue her.

Fairy Tale Infiltration, Saving Moka ArcEdit

After a month, Tsukune and the rest of the News Club infiltrated Fairy Tale disguised as its members. Following the real members to a rally, Tsukune saw that Moka's step mother Gyokuro Shuzen was the boss of the entire Fairy Tale organization. Adding to his shock, Tsukune saw they had imprisoned Moka next to Alucard to awaken him and destroy the Human World. Unbeknownst to him, Gyokuro had picked up on the News Club's negative reactions to her speech and tossed a pillar in his direction. Tsukune showed his new strength, blocking and crushing the pillar with his bare hands. He then used Toho Fuhai Style: Bakuryuujin to blow up the ground around and beneath him and knock back the enemy monsters who were closing in around him and his friends, amazing everyone with his new power. Escaping from the rally, the group split, with Tsukune and his friends deciding to continue the rescue while Hokuto dropped out due to their cover having been blown by Gyokuro.

However, on the group's way down to where Moka was being held captive, Fairy Tale's 5th Subdivision leader Raika blocked their way, but was defeated by Ruby. Following his defeat, Tsukune and company continue deeper into the Fairy Tale base. They find themselves at a junction which splits off into several different paths. Tsukune debates whether to split up, but decides against it. Fang-Fang uses a coin trick and recommends the middle path. The group heads off while Fang-Fang stays behind, supposedly to pick up his coins, but really to fight off an enemy. When Fang-Fang doesn't show up, Tsukune begins to suspect and tries to head back and save him. However, Yukari convinces the group to move on while she goes back, saying Fang-Fang wouldn't want the group to slow down because of him. Later, in the next room, Tsukune meets Kiria and Miyabi. Miyabi tells Tsukune that he is not his enemy currently, but he does not listen because of what he did to Mizore. Kiria then comes up behind them and sends Ruby and Tsukune to another dimension.

In the next dimension, Tsukune has a violent reunion with his old tormentor Kuyo. He fights Kuyō, but Ruby notices that he is fighting as if he is holding back. Ruby realizes that Tsukune is recoiling because Kuyō was the villain who nearly killed him when he was fully human, as such his trauma is impairing him. Tsukune is about to be mortally wounded, but Ruby jumps in the way to take the hit for him. Tsukune goes to Ruby to make sure she was okay. Kuyō then informs Tsukune that Yukari and Fang Fang had been killed by Gairen Yuki, the 6th division leader of Fairy Tale. Tsukune gives him a look full of anger and anguish. Kuyō then attempts to put them out of their misery, but Tsukune finally starts to be able to fight seriously. He counters his attack and sends him flying. Kuyō gets up and it appears if Tsukune has gained control of the Shinso blood inside of him thus transforming into a vampire, after which, Tsukune declared he will kill Kuyō if he didn't get out of his way.

After saying that, Tsukune displays a full control of his vampiric powers and began to beat Kuyō. Seeing this Kuyō gets angry, saying that he will never forget the day Tsukune and his friends defeated him and that since then, he has been training. He asks Tsukune if he noticed how is that he has another tail, meaning his powers have been doubled. Kuyō then shows Tsukune the results of his training with the Entei Toui (Fire Emperor's Battle Suit) burning everything around him without even touching it with his sword or body. When Kuyō is about to charge at him, Tsukune had already had passed him with incredible speed, while a magical seal appears around Kuyo and with Tsukune simply stating that he released the first seal of the Holy Lock. After that, Tsukune reminded Kuyō once more in a serious manner, that if he gets in his way, he will kill him. Kuyō is seen bleeding and with holes all over his body, as he loses consciousness, Kuyō says it was ridiculous that Tsukune reached him even before the flames could even burn him. Ruby, who was watching the fight says that in that moment she saw something in Tsukune that was much more sinister and much more horrific than Kuyō could ever be. At the end of the fight a visage of Alucard surrounds Tsukune, shortly after, Kuyō gets back on his feet and reveals that the dimension they're in was created by the Masked King, stating that the moment they arrived, they were finished, he then departs leaving Tsukune and Ruby trapped, Ruby then uses her magic to help both her and Tsukune escape through the exit Kuyō used. After Ruby and Tsukune land outside the base, they began to feel tremors coming from within the Floating Garden, suddenly Alucard's tentacles burst forth from the ground, flowing from the base. Ruby points to one of Alucard's nearby tentacles, Tsukune then notices Moka and Akua on the nearby tentacle, Akua takes notice and charges to kill him in hopes that it will break the Rosary completely with Moka following behind, when he hears Moka saying that protecting is her only role, he rushes and hugs her, saying that there is more to her than that and that he will do the protecting this time. Relieved to see Tsukune safe and freed from her belief that she was only meant to protect, Moka cries and returns Tsukune's embrace.


Tsukune and Inner Moka reunite

Prelude to the Final Battle ArcEdit

Akua however, doesn't like the fact that Moka opened her heart to Tsukune (whom she calls "that man") as opposed to her. Tsukune gazes at Akua and is amazed that Fairy Tale's strongest fighter seems to be a little girl plunged into sadness within. Following this he faces off against Akua, parrying her Jigen-Tou with his Muei-Tou and surprising Moka with his new power. At this moment Moka reflects on Tsukune's growth, and remembers how she always thought he'd abandon her and escape from the monster world because of his weakness. This sudden change, and seeing how Tsukune has grown so much, makes Ura show more emotion and lets her cold exterior waver even more. Despite Tsukune's growth, Akua gains the upper hand because of his lack in battle experience and is about to strike Tsukune a fatal blow. Moka chooses to intervene and saves Tsukune with a kick, after getting back on his feet back-to-back with Moka, she then tells Tsukune to protect her from behind, upon which he declares he will do so even if it costs him his life. After Moka aids him in his battle, Akua is quickly dispatched by a kick from Moka. Thinking they were safe, they made their way to the exit of floating garden, but not long before Gyokuro Shuzen showed up and slammed Tsukune, taking him out of the fight. After Alucard tries to devour him, at Gyokuro's command, he is then saved by Hokuto Kaneshiro, who tells him to rest and let Team B handle the rest.

Later on, it shows Tsukune alongside Moka and Hokuto fighting against the hordes of vampires, and his right arm begins to mutate, Moka takes notice that something is wrong, but Tsukune tries to hide it from her, suddenly the vampires begin mutating into monsters, surprising Tsukune, he then begins to theorize that he is resonating with the monsters, after which Hokuto tells Tsukune to control the flow of his strength, otherwise he will have to worry about more than just his arm. After being caught off guard, Moka is about to be devoured by one of the monsters, Tsukune releases the first seal of the Holy Lock in order to save Moka. Later, Gyokuro reveals herself to the trio, and explains that the monsters were originally vampires who were experimented on by infusing Alucard's flesh into their bodies, as a result, they mutated into ghouls and became mindless monsters, and she also reveals that Alucard's influence has started to spread within Tsukune and that before too long he will degrade into a ghoul.

Gyokuro also goes on to explain about Akasha and her friends battle with Alucard over 200 years ago, and that Moka gave Tsukune the Shinso blood of both Akasha and Alucard, she also explains that once Alucard's blood enters another body it starts propagating and corroding it until it mutates into a monster, and that Tsukune will "definitely" turn into a monster. After Gyokuro orders the monsters to kill Moka but Tsukune intervenes, Moka attempts to apologize, but Tsukune tells her no matter what happens to him Moka should not blame herself since thanks to that power he was able to protect her. He releases the second seal of the Holy Lock and destroys Gyokuro's pets, she then prepares to deal with him herself, however, with incredible speed Tsukune wounds Gyokuro surprising her because she was unable to detect his movement. Tsukune tells her that they should finish this quickly before his body breaks apart.

In spite of her wound, Gyokuro still looked down on Tsukune but saw fit to remove her limiter (revealed to be her hairclip) and counter attack with attacks used by Raika and Kuyou. Though hurt, Tsukune showed no urge to run, even as Gyokuro prepared to attack with Akua's Jigen-Tou. Tsukune blocked it with the Muei-Tou and then used "Muei-Tou Yamikiri" inflicting severe damage to Gyokuro as he rebuked her claims that he should ask for forgiveness. Tsukune then said that Gyokuro was the one who had to ask for forgiveness for hurting Moka and turning the Shuzen Family Vampires into mindless Ghouls. After gaining the advantage, Tsukune succumbs further to Alucard's influence and his right arm mutates even further. Gyokuro takes this as her only chance to win the fight and engages in a slugfest with Tsukune, who is losing his consciousness by the second. However, even while succumbing, Tsukune manages to stay conscious and, after a few blows, he uses the might of his mutated right arm to deliver a powerful punch right in the middle of Gyokuro's abdomen, making her spit up blood and collapse at his feet.

Victorious, Tsukune seemingly blacks out, wishing with his final train of thought that Moka (both Inner and Outer) would smile at him and assure him that he had done well and was able to properly protect her. However, once his friends assemble to battle the Alucard - empowered Gyokuro and prevent the Floating Garden from crashing into the human world, Tsukune once again stands up, claiming that he can't be the only one lying down at a time like this.

After Gyokuro has been defeated by Moka (by removing the rosario and Alucard engulfing Gyokuro - since the rosario is the one she uses to control Alucard), Tsukune and Outer Moka reunite once more (the rosario is fixed again).

However, Miyabi, who is really Alucard's clone, appeared and told them that all was his plan and just used them to attack Gyokuro and her team. It was his intention to destroy the rosario so his revival will be complete (as the rosario is used to control him). Outer Moka was defended by Tohou Fuhai, Tsukune, and the others, but were instantly defeated by Alucard's clone. Akua later defended Moka and seemed victorious after chopping Alucard's clone to bits, but the clone regenerated saying that he, as a clone, cannot be killed as long as the host is alive. The clone stabs Outer Moka and Tsukune as he was regenerating.

The Battle to Save the World ArcEdit

Rosario vampire ii Moka and Tskune kissing

Tsukune and Outer Moka's kiss

When the battlefield fell in the human world Touhou Fuhai saved Yukari, Fang Fang and Ruby in a soap bubble. He also saved Tsukune and Moka in another soap bubble. Moka is very hurt. Tsukune is begging Moka to live. Then he notes that Alucard has hit Moka near the heart and that the blood isn't stopping. Touhou Fuhai then tells Yukari, Fong-Fong and Ruby that Alucard is awakening. When the Alucard awakens and causes big destruction in the Human World. The moment Outer Moka wakes up, she asks for Tsukune's forgiveness, then he said to her that there's nothing to be sorry about, to not talk too much and that he must hurry and bring her to the others fast so that they can treat her wounds. She said that she knows that it's too late. Tsukune tells her that he needs her and that he won't let her disappear. Then he explains to her why he needs her: he tells her that he loves her so much that he can't imagine a day without her. In that moment he kissed her and she, in return, tells him that she loves him too and that from the first time she saw him she was in love with him. Moka says that she doesn't want to disappear and that she wants to stay by his side. Tsukune replies that they will always be together. She smiles and lost consciousness with a crying Tsukune saying "Forever and ever..."

As Tsukune lands on the ground comforting Moka he realized that she is not breathing and her heartbeat has stopped. Akua appears and tells Tsukune that Outer Moka has completely disappeared (due to the rosary being destroyed) but has not lost her life completely and offers to revive her by injecting her own blood into Moka. Tsukune offers to help revive Moka as well, but Akua denies it because only a vampire can inject the blood and seeing how Tsukune's yōki has failed him to become a vampire since he's still Half-Human and his half-grown fangs are useless. Tsukune is shaking in fear by this, but decided that if he becomes a true vampire by removing the Holy Lock which is surpressing the power, he'll be able to save Moka. He is warned by Akua, that if he does that not only will he die, but he'll end up like one of Gyokuro's Test-Subjects and she asked Tsukune why a human like him would go so far to save Moka, he answered that he doesn't care if it's humans or monsters because what's important to him is the woman he loves. Tsukune rips off the Holy Lock and with the feelings and love that he has for Moka starts injecting his own blood into her.

During the injection a powerful vortex circle around Tsukune and Moka due to their Shinso powers. Kurumu and the rest of the Newspaper Club arrive as they cannot get in the vortex. Akua explains to them that Tsukune is saving Moka, but because he ripped off the Holy Lock, his human body is ripping to pieces. Akua helps just this once by making a magical spell circle for her and Tsukune's friends to save him by giving their powers and feelings. Alucard arrives and attempts to destroy them, however, he was stopped as the vortex disappeared revealing Tsukune and Moka as fully stabilized Shinso Vampires with new forms. While the two go in to do battle with Alucard, they thanked their friends and family as they punched a hole through Alucard's chest. Tsukune along side with Moka were able to tear his body into pieces which crumbled to the ground.

However, Alucard rose up once more refusing to die and revealed his true plan about the eggs he planted all over Japan that hatched which are his clones. Tsukune found him to be insane, but Alucard told him that now he has become a Shinso he should stop siding with humans and forget about coexistence that he's now an enemy of humanity. He even explained to Tsukune the real reason why Moka injected her blood into him and that the original purpose of the Holy Lock was to safely turn a human into a monster eventually shocking Tsukune. Tsukune was about to be devoured by Alucard, but breaks free and said in return that their differences is what makes them understand each other and that he would overcome this fight to prove it.

Soon members of the Wong Families, Miu Familes, and Yokai Academy came to Tsukune's side along with the two Dark Lords as they battle Alucard's clones around the country. Tsukune and Moka share a look of shock seeing Mikogami's true form. Mikogami told Tsukune that they needed him for this day and indeed that he used him for that purpose. Mikogami had no excuses if Tsukune resents him, but Tsukune didn't resent him for that, as Tsukune chose this path himself. Alucard makes a giant hand to finish off Tsukune and his friends, but is stopped by Touhou. Tsukune, Moka, and the rest proceed to charge in the final battle against Alucard.

While attacking Alucard, Tsukune is trying to find a weakness, but Alucard stabs Tsukune right through with a big spike. Tsukune manages to survive the attack and takes the Rosario that is destroyed off of Moka and places it on Alucard's chest, which revives Akasha and she takes control of Alucard's main body. Alasha tells Alucard that their journey ends now knowing that their dream of humans and creatures living in peace have been passed down to Tsukune and her daughter. Alucard accepts it and the two Shinsos prepare a self-destruct spell. Touhou and Mikogami came to Akasha's side, and offered to help the two vampires onto their new journey to join them.  As they began to enact the self-destruct spell, Tsukune calls out to his Headmaster and Fuhai in tears and at the same time, Akua comes to Tsukune and Moka revealing that Outer Moka was actually a clone of Akasha, who'd erased her own memories in order to protect her daughter as a personality.

When Tsukune called out to Akasha by her daughter's name, she immediately turned away, admitting that Outer Moka's memories came back to her along with the Rosario. Tsukune begged her not to go, but when Akasha trembled, she confessed that it was because of those memories that she was able to go forth on her new journey because she knew how important she was to Tsukune and everyone else. Akasha thanks Tsukune for everything and was very happy to meet him. The self-destruction spell was enacted and Akasha, Touhou, Mikogami, and Alucard vanished from the world. The Rosario falls back into Tsukune's hands and as he looks at the Rosario, Tsukune cries knowing that it's him who was thankful for meeting Akasha, but didn't get the chance to say it. Moka cries with Tsukune and hugs him.

New Start ArcEdit

A new day has arrived after Alucard's demise. Tsukune, now a shinso vampire, is seen with Moka's Rosario while looking at it and is being picked up by the bus driver, Nurari who wonders if Tsukune made up his mind. Nurari tells Tsukune that now humans know about their existence, it will be harder for coexistence than it was before. Nurari then passes a message to Tsukune from Mikogami about being his successor as the new Headmaster and if Tsukune had what it takes he should come aboard, just like on his first day being reminded that the school is a scary place. Tsukune remembers on that day when he first met Moka (Outer) and she sucked his blood, which makes him cry with a fearsome smile. "The school is my life now," Tsukune said as he boards the bus being greeted happily by Moka and their friends. They all head back to Yōkai Academy for the new beginning in hopes that one day they'll bring humans and monsters together living in peace knowing that Tsukune and friends can do it.

Year ThreeEdit

Final Year ArcEdit

Tsukune returns to Yōkai Academy as a 3rd year student and is happily greeted by Moka (Inner) who jumps on him from behind. Tsukune had noticed the change in Inner Moka since Outer Moka is no longer with him. As the two went to the roof, Moka sucked Tsukune's blood, even though he became a vampire. However Kurumu, Yukari, and Mizore followed the vampires telling Moka that she was supposed to drink Tsukune's blood once a month. This went from an argument to a battle and Moka defeat the three girls dragging Tsukune along with her. After that matter, Tsukune is told by Moka that they have to go meet with her father, Issa Shuzen to which Tsukune became shocked at.

Tsukune and Moka meet with Issa, who is happy to see Moka. Tsukune was so nervous that he's actually meeting Moka's father for the first time. Tsukune was afraid of him due to how much he knows how fathers are well protective of their daughters. Upon greeting, Tsukune accidentally called him "Father" instead of "Issa-san" which made Issa to get mad at him and was scared that Issa could kill Tsukune if he makes a mistake. The three vampires go to a place and sit at a bar table having drinks. Issa tells Tsukune that he found out he was formerly human and has become of their race. Tsukune tells Issa that he still feels human on the inside. Issa scares Tsukune when he questioned him about humans and vampires. Issa asked Tsukune on how he felt since there are some girls he's close to besides Moka, but before Tsukune tells him Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari, Fang Fang, and Ruby interrupt them making Issa angry in believing that Tsukune is a polygamist. Tsukune and group discover a wanted poster from Fairy Tale with Tsukune on it for the price of his head and Issa reveals to Tsukune that he's an assassin. Tsukune takes on Issa, however, Issa saves Tsukune from a poisonous monster that was sent from an assassin in Fairy Tale.

Nurari comes to the group and says that Issa and the Shuzen Family are on their side to support and protect Tsukune in stopping all the assassins in Fairy Tale that are coming to kill him. Nurari reveals that he hired Issa as Tsukune's trainer since Tsukune has plenty to learn before becoming the next Headmaster of the academy.

Tsukune meets up with Moka who's waiting for after Tsukune and Issa spar during the training. Tsukune realized that Issa is indeed powerful and knew everything how Tsukune felt. At this moment, Tsukune remembers Issa's words and tells him that the woman who disappeared with Alucard wasn't Outer Moka, it was Akasha. Issa said to him that Outer Moka's soul is still inside of Inner Moka if Tsukune would still continue to think of her. Tsukune was staring at Moka making Moka to believe that he's hitting on her. Soon the others girls meet with Tsukune and Moka. Tsukune noticed that Moka's hair on her pinpoints are pink seeing that the two souls are becoming one person. As the group makes their way out, Tsukune and the girls are going to have tea. Moka said that tea is great, but there's something even tastier to which she jumps on Tsukune and drinks more of his blood remarking that Tsukune's blood is Moka's number one favorite.Thus Tsukune and his friends' bustling days continue on forever.

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