Tsubaki Rokurou

Tsubaki Rokurou

Tsubaki Rokurou is a member of Fairy Tale as the 7th Branch Subdivision Deputy.


Tsubaki acts as a scout to find newer and stronger members for his division. He keeps a recording of Kamiya's song with him to paralyze monsters to force them into joining and to kill Humans who either get in the way or annoy him. The song has the ability to cause extreme nausea and temporary blindness to monsters and near-instant death to Humans. He was caught by Gin, and after applying the music on him and knocking him out, he carried the Werewolf to the Fairy Tale's 7th branch headquarters. When they arrived, Gin began to retaliate again, but before Tsubaki could apply the music for the second time around, Gin used his speed to knock the speaker off the car. Next thing he knew was that he was getting dragged through the headquarters with his foot on Gin's shoulders.

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