Nazo koumori 10995

Nazo Koumori, a Transformer Bat used by Kokoa Shuzen.

A Transformer Bat, also known as a Bake-Bake Bat, is a creature that is capable of transforming into any melee weapon at the owner's preferance, from a hammer to a baseball bat to a lance.

An advantage for some and a hinderance for others, the transformer bats mantain the same body mass at all times, no matter what form they take. This is due to the physics rule of conservation of matter, which states that matter can be neither created nor destroyed.

The actual looks of the transformer bats are largely unknown, even by Vampires. They typically stay in a hazel- and cream-colored, hamster-like body, with large ears and a little tail. Their wings are dark gray. In order to maintain flight, they have to flap their wings at a high pace. They do not have a visible feet, but do have a tendency to hang upside down from objects, indicating that they have something feet-like.

Transformer bats seem to have a large influence on Vampire accessory designs. A shape of one can be found on key chains, hair clips, or even door decorative, in the case of Moka's dorm room.

Known Transfomer BatsEdit

Known Owner of Transformer BatsEdit


  • It is unknown whether Transformer Bats can really speak. According to to the manga, the only sound made by Batty (Ko-chan) is "Kiiiiii" or "Kruuu." In the anime, he is able to speak (he enjoys narrating the show from time to time), and finishes his sentences with "dechuuu..." in the Japanese version, or "whee..." in the English dub.
  • Though Batty doesn't really speak in the manga, Kokoa seems to understand him perfectly.
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