• I can watched people sometimes -Mizore Fact

    I have true love for someone in my cllass -Mizore Fact

    Sometimes I liek blood:3 -Moka Fact

    I like to sneak around -Kokoa/Mizore Fact

    I hate chocolate (they never eat choco so) -Moka,Kokoa,Mizore,fact

    Can be sweet at times -Moka Fact

    I am thinking Mizore, but have you heaard the new people coming out? i know them but i ain't spoling it :3 

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    • ... Mizore?

      For blood do you like the sight of it or the taste of it? I approve the former and dislike the latter.

      Also you hate chocolate? HERESY TO THE EXTREME!!! HOW DARE YOU!!! Just because the characters were never seen eating chocolate it doesn't mean they hate it!

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