• Am I crazy or did I watch an episode at one point that had a flashback that told us the reason Mizore is the way she is is because she took a human boy she liked to some snowflower sanctuary that Yuki-Onna use to express their love and showed him her true form after which he ran away screaming, calling her a monster and leaving her all alone. I remember them both being very young.

    I have tried and tried to find even a scrap of evidence for it but I can't find ANYTHING about it.

    Did I imagine it or is there some unspoken rule where not even Mizore's character page is allowed to mention it? I feel like it's the former since there's not even a picture of a child Mizore in her gallery which I doubt they wouldn't include if it existed, but I just want to make sure. I remember it way to vivdly for it to just be my imagination.

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    • It was in the manga but I don't think it was in the anime. I can't recall exactly what chapter but I know it did happen.

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    • yes this happened in the seccond (season ) of the manga book 5 if i reamberĀ 

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