The Snow Priestess
Snow Preistess
Name: The Snow Priestess
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Race: Yuki-Onna
Affiliation: Land of the Yuki-Onna
Relatives: Unknown
Class: None
Weapon: Unknown
Voice: None
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The Snow Priestess is the leader of the Land of the Yuki-Onna and elder of the Snow Village. She possesses a familiar spirit named Jack Frost (ジャックフロスト Jakku Furosuto), who is responsible for telling the village's predictions.

Year TwoEdit

When revealing the age limit of when Yuki-Onna could bear children to Tsukune, Mizore revealed that the Snow Priestess was responsible for making the following law:

"Yuki-Onna will be of age at 17. Those who come of age must, after a formal meeting, be married to a person selected by the province."

It is further revealed that this law was made because of one of her predictions as, otherwise, Yuki-Onna would have gone extinct. The marriages that come of her law are also decided by her predictions. However, before Mizore and Tsukune can do anything, the Snow Priestess appears and abducts her. She later contacts Tsurara that Mizore is in her custody and that everything is fine.

When Mizore asks when she interrupted, she says that she and Tsukune were destined to never be together. She then tells Mizore that she is to be bound to Fujisaki to become the savior of their land.

Later on, after Mizore has been rescued from the Snow Priestess' shrine, Kahlua Shuzen brings in the Snow Priestess, who had been bound and gagged. When Mizore and Kurumu burst into the room, Mizore freed her, now understanding what she did. She then asked for more time.

The Snow Priestess agrees and asks Mizore to take the villagers and run. Only seconds later does Jack Frost emerge from her mouth and tells everyone present his prophecy.

Once Fairy Tale leaves the village, the Snow Priestess is seen wondering if the Yuki-Onna's fight with them is over or not. However, she then remarks about the sudden peace that has descended on the village and tells Tsukune and the others that they are its saviors.

Before Mizore can leave, however, the Snow Priestess lifts her hand and a minature version of Jack Frost appears. He tells Mizore that Moka and Tsukune have a "special destiny" and that bad things might happen to her if she is with them.

When Mizore tells her that things like destiny don't matter to her, she tells Mizore to look after herself. She also says that all of their futures are "shining brightly".

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