Tenmai Mikogami
Tenmei Mikogami face up close
Kana 巫女神 天名
Romaji Mikogami Tenmei
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Race Kishin
Equipment Rosary of Judgement
Personal Status
Affiliations Yōkai Academy

Three Dark Lords

Voice Actor Masaharu Sato (Japanese)

Paul Slavens (English)

Tenmei Mikogami (otherwise known as The Exorcist) is the headmaster of Yōkai Academy and one of the Three Dark Lords. He is said to be over 200 years old, given that the battle with Alucard happened about 200 years ago. Later, it is revealed that his true form is a Demon God  Kishin; this explains why his magic is weaker than Fuhai's since he is not naturaly a spellcasting monster. Revealed along wiht his true face, Mikogami has at least two Holy Locks wrapped around his torso, perhaps to seal his monster nature. He is also the one, who took Moka in after Akasha sealed her to prevent Alucard from awakening.


Rosario + Vampire

In the first episode, Mikogami was encountered by Tsukune's father in the human world. The headmaster accidentally drops a set of documents that would allow new entrants into Yōkai Academy that the father would then pick up and give to his son. Thus, the story begins. He finds Ruby (off screen) at an unknown point, recruiting her to watch over the Great Barrier, giving her a new wand in exchange for her service. He has yet to have her take odd jobs around campus.

Having Ms Ririko bring Ms Nekoname to him, Mikogami explains that he will not take any action to prevent Kuyō executing Tsukune, ordering Ms Nekoname not to take any action as well. He most likely says this as Ruby is in his employ at this time, and knows she'll go to save him.

Rosario + Vampire Capu2

Following "The Long Story Part 2", Ruby meets him in his office, explaining nothing out of the ordinary had occurred that day. He thanks her and goes onto explain that the Great Barrier is necessary to keep the fragile truce between monsters and humans afloat. He apologizes to Ruby for making her take odd jobs around the school to keep the real reason for he being there a secret. When the barrier around the school started to collapse, he is seen in his office as the ground starts to shake. He was in a shock due to his miscalculation to the amount of time for the seal to break due to the crack formed on the rosario at the seal when the surge of yōkai energy is released by the Lilth's Mirror.

He later tells Ruby about Issa Shuzen, who was the one who created the rosary for both Moka and the barrier, presumably having already asked him for another one when the barrier was collapsing. He orders her not to tell this secret to anyone, but presumably knows she'll tell Tsukune. (Honestly, who knows? This guy seems to have done more thinking than anyone else thinks he has.)


Rosario + Vampire


Mikogami as 'The Exorcist'

The Exorcist is introduced when Tsukune attacks the monstrels as a ghoul. After saving him from his ghoul form; he told Tsukune that a friend (The Bus Driver) told him Tsukune was in terrible danger in his thought quote, "Anyway... be careful, son!". He later blackmailed  Tsukune into going to the student council to find the monstrel mastermind. Afterwhich, he expected the News Club to bring Hokuto to him, who he then placed in a barrier, only to be surprised that he escaped and gave him and near-fatal wound through the torso. After recovering some strength, he sent the rest of the Club after Moka and Tsukune to help stop Hokuto from destroying the Great Barrier. The Exorcist is last seen at the School Festival when the students, alumni, and parents revert back to their natural forms, due to the Lillth's Mirror, talking to his old friend the Bus Driver and capturing Lillith. Because of the destruction of most of the campus, he decided to close the school and send the students home so it can be rebuilt/remodeled.

In an omake, it is shown that Ruby works for him in exchange for being able to be at the school.

Rosario + Vampire season 2

After learning about the Phantom Attackers, The Exorcist assigned Ruby to handle them and told her to gather all of the students inside the school.

Later, he sent the News Club on another trip to the human world, this time its seemed he did so, intentionally, to have them defeat one of Fairy Tale's branches.

Following this, he allowed much cheating during the Sports Festival but decided Inner Moka's attacks on the other participants was too much.

It is mentioned that Mikogami learned what he knows of the black arts from Touhou Fuhai, a fellow dark lord.

After Fairy Tale HQ crashes into the human world and Alucard's original self reconfigures and goes on the attack, Alucard's clone spots Mikogami on the scene. Mikogami looks cross at Alucard's senseless slaughter of humans and remorseless violence.


  • In the English version, he is the Headmaster, but in the Japanese version, he is the Chairman.
  • His last name Mikogami can be translated as 'Priestess God'.
  • In the manga, Mikogami realized Tsukune was thinking he'd made no progress from both Inner Moka's very harsh assessment and the fact Tsukune was going up against Inner Moka, who was the finest fighter on the campus. Knowing that Tsukune wouldn't realize the sheer volume of progress he had made, he sent Tsukune and the News Club (Ruby included) to the Human world, where Tsukune realized it was only against Moka that he seemed feeble, against human gangsters, he was too much for them to cope with.
  • In the Manga, when Mikogami allowed the zombies cheating on sports day. his expression darkened with harsh amusement, this is possible a trace of his Kishin nature slipping through.
  • If Mikogami's words after transforming are taken correctly, he too is approaching his end, a such his words can translate as follows, "Touhou Fuhai, our time grows short in life...let's go out in monster style!"
  • As Mikogami plans to die fighting, it's possible he had Ruby Tojou serve as his assistant to train her as his "successor" to his station as Headmaster.


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Tenmei Mikogami

Tenmei Mikogami

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