Tenmai Mikogami
Tenmei Mikogami face up close
Kana 巫女神 天名
Romaji Mikogami Tenmei
Manga Rosario + Vampire Chapter 23
Birthday November 28
Gender Male
Age 200+ (Deceased, manga)
Status Deceased
Death Powers Weakening
Race Kishin
Equipment Rosary of Judgement
Personal Status
Affiliations Yōkai Academy
Three Dark Lords
Class S-class
Voice Actor Masaharu Sato (Japanese)

Paul Slavens (English)

Tenmei Mikogami (otherwise known as The Exorcist and The Strategist) is the former headmaster of Yōkai Academy and one of the Three Dark Lords. He is said to be over 200 years old, given that the battle with Alucard happened about 200 years ago. Later, it is revealed that his true form is a Demon God Kishin; this explains why his magic is weaker than Touhou Fuhai's since he is not naturaly a spellcasting monster. Revealed along with his true face, Mikogami has three Holy Locks wrapped around his torso, perhaps to seal his monster nature. He is also the one, who took Moka Akashiya in after Akasha Bloodriver sealed her to prevent Alucard from awakening.

He plays a smaller role in the anime, known only as the Director. He has only made appearances near the end of each season, when a crisis was at hand.



Mikogami as "Director"


In the first episode, Mikogami was encountered by Tsukune's father in the human world. The headmaster accidentally drops a set of documents that would allow new entrants into Yōkai Academy that the father would then pick up and give to his son. Thus, the story begins. He finds Ruby (off screen) at an unknown point, recruiting her to watch over the Great Barrier, giving her a new wand in exchange for her service. He has yet to have her take odd jobs around campus.

Having Ms. Ririko bring Ms. Nekoname to him, Mikogami explains that he will not take any action to prevent Kuyō executing Tsukune, ordering Ms Nekoname not to take any action as well. He most likely says this as Ruby is in his employ at this time, and knows she'll go to save him.

Rosario+Vampire Capu2Edit

Following "The Long Story Part 2", Ruby meets him in his office, explaining nothing out of the ordinary had occurred that day. He thanks her and goes onto explain that the Great Barrier is necessary to keep the fragile truce between monsters and humans afloat. He apologizes to Ruby  for making her take odd jobs around the school to keep the real reason for he being there a secret.

Mikogami later discovers that Lilith's Mirror was stolen for his treasure trove, assigning Ruby to the task of finding it before the pixie began revealing true natures. If too much yōkai energy is released by undone transformations, the rosario keeping the Great Barrier would break apart. When the barrier around the school started to collapse, he is seen in his office as the ground starts to shake. He was in shock due to his miscalculation to the amount of time for the seal to break.

He later tells Ruby about Issa Shuzen, who was the one who created the rosary for both Moka and the barrier, presumably having already asked him for another one when the barrier was collapsing. He orders her not to tell this secret to anyone, but presumably knows she'll tell Tsukune. (Honestly, who knows? This guy seems to have done more thinking than anyone else thinks he has.)


Year OneEdit


Mikogami as 'The Exorcist'

The Exorcist is introduced when Tsukune Aono attacks the monstrels as a ghoul. After saving him from his ghoul form; he told Tsukune that a friend (The Bus Driver) told him Tsukune was in terrible danger in his thought quote, "Anyway... be careful, son!". He later blackmailed  Tsukune into going to the student council to find the monstrel mastermind. Afterwhich, he expected the News Club to bring Hokuto to him, who he then placed in a barrier, only to be surprised that he escaped and gave him and near-fatal wound through the torso. After recovering some strength, he sent the rest of the Club after Moka and Tsukune to help stop Hokuto from destroying the Great Barrier. The Exorcist is last seen at the School Festival when the students, alumni, and parents revert back to their natural forms, due to the Lillth's Mirror, talking to his old friend the Bus Driver and capturing Lillith. Because of the destruction of most of the campus, he decided to close the school and send the students home so it can be rebuilt/remodeled.

In an omake, it is shown that Ruby works for him in exchange for being able to be at the school.

Year TwoEdit

After learning about the Phantom Attackers, The Exorcist assigned Ruby to handle them and told her to gather all of the students inside the school.

Later, he sent the News Club on another trip to the human world, this time its seemed he did so, intentionally, to have them defeat one of Fairy Tale's branches.

Following this, he allowed much cheating during the Sports Festival but decided Inner Moka's attacks on the other participants was too much.

It is mentioned that Mikogami learned what he knows of the black arts from Touhou Fuhai, a fellow dark lord.

After Fairy Tale HQ crashes into the human world and Alucard's original self reconfigures and goes on the attack, Alucard's clone spots Mikogami on the scene. Mikogami looks cross at Alucard's senseless slaughter of humans and remorseless violence. Thanks to his connections to the human military, Mikogami was able to create a battlefield void of humans to serve as casualites. After striking Alucard hard from behind, Mikogami removes his white overshirt showing lenghty Holy Locks over his chest. He then transforms into his true form, a fierce and terrifying Kishin along with Fuhai to fight Alucard to the death. While fighting Alucard alongside Touhou and San, during the fight, Alucard questions Tenmei about why he chose a meticulous and resevered way to fight against him, and realizes that Tenmei is trying to buy time for his trump card, Aono Tsukune. After realizing that Alucard knows what hes up to, Tenmei tells San to evacuate the others while he and Touhou stall Alucard in order to keep him away from Tsukune, while trying to hinder Alucard's advances he is knocked into a building, Alucard says that this isn't like him and that Tenmei must value this "trump card" of his, Alucard reaches Tsukune's location, while Tenmei shouts at Alucard to stop, he proceeds to destroy Tsukune along with everyone only to see that Alucard's attack has been thwarted along with the monster's lower right arm being blown off. Tenmei along with Touhou witness both Moka and Tsukune emerge from the smoke and watches while Tsukune and Moka proceed to attack Alucard by blowing a huge hole through the monster's chest and tearing his body into pieces which crumbles to the ground.

When Alucard rose up again refusing to die, revealing his true plans with the eggs that were spread all over in Japan that hatched are his clones, and after explaining to Tsukune the original purpose of the Holy Lock that safely turns a human into a monster, Mikogami appears to Tsukune that they needed him for this battle and indeed that he used him as well. Mikogami told Tsukune to resent him for his actions if he needs to, but Tsukune didn't since he chose this path himself.

Soon Akasha is revived by Tsukune who places the destroyed Rosario onto Alucard's chest and takes control of Alucard's main body. As the two Shinsos set off on a new journey with a self-destruct spell, Mikogami along with Touhou came to Akasha's side to join them. The self-destruct spell was enacted and Mikogami, Touhou, Akasha, and Alucard vanished from the world leaving humans and monsters coexistence to the next generation.

Before Mikogami vanishes, he leaves a message for the bus driver to give to Tsukune about him being his successor of becoming the new Headmaster of Yōkai Academy which Tsukune gladly accepts.

Equipment Edit

  • Rosary of Judgement: A special rosary in which allows Mikogami to maintain the Great Barrier keeping Yokai Academy from appearing in the human world.
  • Exorcism Cross: A exorcist tool where Mikogami uses it to suppress Tsukune's Shinso blood and ghoul nature before sealing it with a holy lock.
  • Holy Locks (formerly): Despite never being human as the holy locks are tools used for safely turning a human into a Yokai, Mikogami is shown to have three holy locks wrapped around his body underneath his exorcist attire that presumably restricts his powers. When Mikogami had gotten serious in his fight with Alucard the holy locks shattered apart when he released his true form and power.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

Kishin Physiology: As a kishin, Mikogami is essentially an all powerful oni with Touhou Fuhai remarking that when he is serious about fighting, Mikogami abandons all formalities and become an unstoppable berserker that can be a dangerous enemy especially since he is a Dark Lord.

  • Transformation: Mikogami is able to transform himself to maintain a human appearance when not fighting. Though considering that he requires three holy locks wrapped around his body, it's safe to presume that he can't fully control his transformation.
  • Immense Strength: Mikogami is shown to have monstrous physical strength, where even when most of his powers are suppressed by three holy locks he was able to knock the enormous form of Alucard down to the ground by exerting his strength with one punch which also created a huge shock wave. After revealing his true form his might became even higher with him being able to push Alucard back that the force behind his attacks destroyed multiple buildings with Touhou Fuhai and Sun. He was able to easily tear apart the Shinso's body with simple punches as well.
  • Immense Agility: Mikogami is also shown to very agile where he leaped from the top of a building to punch Alucard and landed back on the building without losing control. Later he made multiple jumps across the city to land powerful hits on the Shinso.
  • Enhanced Speed: Mikogami was able to land many attacks on Alucard with Fuhai and Sun before the vampire was able to react while he was in his regenerating process.
  • Immense Durability: He is shown to have powerful endurance where despite being knocked into a building by Alucard's backhand he immediately recovered in an attempt to stop the vampire from attacking Tsukune and Moka while they are in the transition into full-fledged Shinso vampires. Though Mikogami was severely injured when he was struck from behind by Hokuto Kaneshiro when the latter made his attempt to steal his Rosary of Judgement. However this may be because Mikogami had his powers suppressed with three holy locks at that time thus diminishing his physical durability.
  • Immense Stamina: He can physically exert himself during his battle against Alucard with Fuhai and Sun for a considerable amount of time in order to buy time for Tsukune to successfully transform into a fully-stabilized Shinso vampire by performing doing a multitude of powerful attacks without losing any strength in the final phase of the battle.
  • Immense Demonic Aura: As a Dark Lord Mikogami possesses an incredible amount of Yoki where upon deciding to fight to the death against Alucard, the kishin was able to easily shatter apart the three holy locks suppressing his power by simply releasing his energy. The aura also created an enormous shock wave that pushed back and surprised the witnesses excluding Touhou Fuhai.

Abilities Edit

Black Arts Master: As Mikogami is titled "The Exorcist" amongst Yokai Academy, it is presumed that he possesses outstanding black arts skills involving seals, barriers, and exorcism. An example is where he easily suppressed Tsukune's ghoul nature with a holy lock and suppress his own Kishin powers with three holy locks. Though because Mikogami is a Kishin (a non-natural magic casting Yokai) his skills in this art is inferior to that of Touhou Fuhai (the fellow Dark Lord responsible for teaching Mikogami black arts). However Mikogami's skills still allowed him to temporarily repair Moka's Rosario Cross after she damaged it in the fight against ANTI-THESIS before its damage accumulated to being beyond his capabilities to repair.

Master Strategist and Tactician: Despite his berserker-like nature when fighting all out, Mikogami has proven to be an excellent tactician. This is when he managed to lure out a member of ANTI-THESIS by pretending to expel Tsukune thus putting the boy up as bait for the trap. Later by installing Tsukune into the festival committee, he was able to find out the identities of the ANTI-THESIS members including its leader, Hokuto Kaneshiro. Even Alucard remarked on Mikogami's strategizing skills as the Dark Lord was also titled as "Strategist of the Dark Lords" 200 years ago with Mikogami knowing exactly where the Floating Garden was going to crash into the human world. By this knowledge he was able to prevent a great deal of human casualties when the fortress crashed and was able to have the human army immediately mobilized by giving a vague message to a human military official. By this effect Mikogami had effectively sealed Alucard into an empty human city as a final battlefield to prevent other casualties.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: When fighting against Alucard, Mikogami relied on his incredible physical might to deal enormous damage to the vampire with powerful punches. Though as this is the first time Mikogami displayed this skill it's unknown how skilled he is in comparison to his fellow Dark Lords. However considering that Fuhai referred to Mikogami as an atrocious berserker when fighting seriously, then it's likely that Mikogami originally fought with his instincts and strength with little regard to his surroundings. Alucard even remarked how differently Mikogami was fighting compared to 200 years ago where he used careful planned attacks in order to stall the vampire for Tsukune and Moka's complete transformations thus indicating he changed his fighting tactics since then.


  • In the English version, he is the Headmaster, but in the Japanese version, he is the Chairman.
  • His last name Mikogami can be translated as 'Priestess God'.
  • In the manga, Mikogami realized Tsukune was thinking he'd made no progress from both Inner Moka's very harsh assessment and the fact Tsukune was going up against Inner Moka, who was the finest fighter on the campus. Knowing that Tsukune wouldn't realize the sheer volume of progress he had made, he sent Tsukune and the News Club (Ruby included) to the Human world, where Tsukune realized it was only against Moka that he seemed feeble, against human gangsters, he was too much for them to cope with.
  • In the Manga, when Mikogami allowed the zombies cheating on sports day, his expression darkened with harsh amusement, this is a possible trace of his Kishin nature slipping through.
  • If Mikogami's words after transforming are taken correctly, he too is approaching his end, as such his words can be understood as follows, "Touhou Fuhai, our time grows short in life...let's go out in monster style!"
  • Mikogami, having planned to die fighting, had already chosen a successor before the final battle as revealed in the final chapter. Mikogami chose Tsukune to be his successor. However, it is never stated what this meant specifically.
  • After San wounded Alucard and Mikogami and Fuhai decked him, Mikogami made Fuhai stop flirting with San as he had with Akasha. The two then had a "tough guy" face to face.
  • Tenmei is alive in the anime.
  • Tenmei admits to giving Tsukune a holy lock that would develop him into a full-fledged Shinso instead of a ghoul when being transformed by Moka's blood. Alucard recognized that it was part of his long term plan and Mikogami told Tsukune it indeed was.
  • Throughout the series, Tenmei is shown to be adept at creating tactics and is in fact a master strategist.
  • It's possible that Mikogami is responsible for both Hokuto and Tsukune enrolling at Yokai Academy, with the motive of grooming them to help with monster/human coexistence. This is likely, since he stated that he had high hopes for Hokuto, who was intelligent and charismatic. Though, Tsukune ended up being the person he needed, due to Mr. Aono's kind and accepting nature towards monsters.


  • Tenmei Unleashing His True Form
  • Tenmei's True Form
Tenmei Mikogami

Tenmei Mikogami

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