Ten-Ten Huang
Kana 黄 恬恬
Romaji Won Tenten (Japanese)
Huáng Tiántián (Chinese)
Manga Rosario + Vampire II Chapter 028
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Race Yasha
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Technique Martial Arts
Equipment Unknown
Personal Status
Relatives Fang Fang Huang (Son)
Ling Ling Huang (Daughter)
Fei-Hong Huang (Husband)
Touhou Fuhai (Great-Grandfather-in-Law)
Affiliations Huang Family
Miao Family (Formerly)
Class D-Class Monster
Voice Actor N/A
Ten-Ten Huang (黄 恬恬Japanese: Won Tenten, Chinese Pinyin: Huáng Tiántián) (née Miao?, Chinese pinyin: Miáo, Japanese romaji: Myao) (most likely also spelled as Tenten or Tenten Huang) is the mother of Fang Fang Huang and Ling Ling Huang. She is married to Fei-Hong Huang, head of the Huang Family. Her formal name before marriage was Ten-Ten Miao. Her name can be Ten Ten or Ten-Ten.


She wears traditional Chinese attire with a fan has her hair tied in two buns with flowery bobbles, and wears two tassel earrings. She also wears a red with gold patterns patterned Chinese cheongsam, or qipao kind of top with a collared neck almost like a turtleneck if to be a sweater, and pants. The color of the cheongsam isn't necessarily shown since manga comics are usually in black and white, even Rosario + Vampire. Physically, she is where Ling Ling and Fang Fang (respectively) got their looks from.

Personality Edit

In the manga, she appears to be quite fierce and vicious, taking strong leadership, and being a very professional martial artist. Ten-Ten does not take combat and sparring with her opponent lightly, and is actually very ferocious. Additionally, her personality traits have been passed down onto Fang Fang and Ling Ling.


Ten-Ten was born into the Miao Family, the Huang Family's rival, but fell in love with Fei-Hong Huang, Head of the Huang Family. The Huang and Miao families were able to put their feud aside temporarily, allowing them to get married. Fang Fang describes her as Juliet from Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". She is a master martial artist. Fang Fang says she is stronger than him.


  • Her name "Huang" means "yellow" in Chinese, as well as meaning yellow in Japanese, and the character for the color being pronounced as "ki" instead, while the pronunciation of her actual name is changed from 'Huang' to 'Won' in Japanese. Additionally, her name "Ten-Ten" is, and is pronounced as, "Tián-Tián" or 'Tian Tian' in Chinese, with "Ten-Ten" literally being just the "Japanese pronunciation" instead. Additionally, also, "Ten-Ten" appears to be just a name in Chinese and Japanese, and having no meaning nor translation in either language. Her name Ten Ten (恬恬) may be a form of "Tim Tim" in Chinese, as "Tián" (Ten in Japanese) just might mean "Tim" in Chinese.
  • Her maiden name is Miao, or birth surname/birth name, which, in Japanese, the character for Miao, the character being "苗" is pronounced as "Nae" in Japanese. Miao is also Chinese for "seedling" while in Japanese, the translation is the same translation.
  • For the character, Ten-Ten, Japanese Rosario + Vampire or Japan's Rosario + Vampire does not use the tradition of China having the wives keep the family name with the children taking the father's name, rather, Ten-Ten took Fei-Hong Huang's family name and her children took the name Huang as well.
  • After Ten-Ten hits Touhou Fuhai with several needle like blades for talking while eating (and likely stealing almost everyone's food), Tsukune and friends recall that Fang Fang referred to his mother as Juliet, as they all thought "Juliet is the scariest one here!" This is a reference to the Shakespearean tragedy play and story Romeo and Juliet.
  • During her introduction in the Manga, she was mistaken for Touhou Fuhai.
  • She is named her moniker Juliet based on her hardheaded personality and strong will like Juliet Capulet from Romeo and Juliet.
  • Despite being mistaken for Touhou Fuhai, Ten-Ten likely let it slide as they said from her looks she appeared to be in her 20s. As her son Fang Fang is a teenager and Ling Ling's age is unknown, she more likely is in her 40s, so the missed guess on her age likely put her in a forgiving mood.
  • She is literally the only Huang family member and perhaps only Miao Family member whose first name does not have any actual meaning and is just a name.
  • Her full personal maiden name or "personal name" before marriage is Ten-Ten Miao (苗 恬恬?Myao Tenten). (In Chinese pinyin: Miao Tiántián).
  • Some people believe that part of her name as the first "Ten" or "Tian" (Tián) is the Chinese transliteration in pronunciation translated as/to "Tim", making her name "Tim-Tim". This may or may not be entirely true.
  • Just like Juliet from Romeo and Juliet, Ten-Ten is strong-willed, hard-headed, determined, and plays a firm role in the story.
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