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is a Human, a former employee who worked for Marin Kawamoto, and a member of the Shuei Industries.


He's first introduced when San Otonashi returns to the inn to work since she's held captive by the Industries for at least 4 days, but he fires her and gets angry with her. He's stopped by the Newspaper Club and with the help of the owner of the inn, Marin, knowing that she had the right for the role of firing employees. Takahashi walks away and goes out to the dock to call his Boss about San coming back, but hears that the Boss has been killed by Fairy Tale's 7th Subdivision Deputy, Tsubaki Rokurou. He returns to the inn and again gets angry with San but is stopped once more by the News Club and walks away wonder what he should do about this situation. With his answer, he robs the inn by taking all the money and leaves in a hurry. 

The next day, Takahashi is found by Tsubaki knowing that he didn't follow his order of burning the inn and is frighten. Ginei Morioka arrives at the scene. When Gin rejects Tsubaki's offer to join Fairy Tale, the deputy gets out a speaker attached to a recording device and plays a copy of the soul stealing song "death melody" which causes Takahashi to listen and dies from the song.

Later, the money that Takahashi stole from the inn is returned to Marin by Gin safely.

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