Tadashi Wanibuchi
Vol. 2 Page 12 sans text crop
Name: Tadashi Wanibuchi
Age: unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Race: Lizardman
Affiliation: Class President of 2nd year class
Relatives: Unknown
Weapon: Teeth, claws
Voice: Ryūsei Nakao (Japanese, anime), Anri Katsu (Japanese, manga), Eric Vale (English)
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Tadashi Wanibuchi ( Japanese text, Wanibuchi Tadashi) is the president of Yukari's class. He hangs out with two other Lizardmen whose names are not mentioned in the manga. 


Hate being ignored

Tadashi isn't happy when Moka ignores him to talk calmly with Yukari.

, and hates to be ignored, as illustrated when Moka comes to the aid of Yukari the second time in both the manga and anime.

He is the leader of a group of three Lizardmen, and tries to solve problems like Yukari by eating them. His arrogance is noteable in the anime when, despite Tsukune and his friends coming to Yukari's aide, he still acts as if his group can eat all of them.


While in human fo
Tadashi comparison

Tadashi in the manga, and in the anime.

rm in the manga he has light colored hair, but in the anime it is a dark brown. In both he has wrinkles on his face that make him look far older than he is.
Tadashi transformed

Tadashi transformed into his Lizardman form

When he is in his monster form, his skin is green, his eyes are yellow with a slit pupil, and his hair becomes red spikes/feathers(?).


Year OneEdit

This character is introduced when he harrasses Yukari and Moka steps in to save her. He is only in volume 2 of the manga. After being defeated by Moka, he doesn't reappear.


A strong bite. Claws to scratch, and strength.


  • Volume 2, Page 12
  • Episode 3. When we first meet Tadashi
  • Ep. 3 - Tadashi and minions picking on Yukari
  • Ep. 3 - Stepping down after Moka interferes.
  • Tadashi and crew transformed
  • Tadashi breaks Yukari's wand
  • Moka ignoring the lizardmen
  • Moka is still ignoring the Lizardmen
  • They feel ignored
  • Tadashi hates being ignored.
  • Yukari bit Tadashi to protect Moka
  • Tadashi doesn't like being bitten.



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