The Swimming Club

The Swimming Club is one of the many clubs that can be found at Yokai Academy.

Manga[edit | edit source]

Year One[edit | edit source]

The club is run by the club's president, Tamao, and all girl members. This club is actually a group of deadly mermaids that lure men into the water to drain their life force by attracting them to their beauty. Each girl gets close to all the boys in the pool, pretending to teach them how to swim or having fun, then bites them, draining their life force energy.

During the events of finding to join a club, Tsukune tells Moka that they should join the swimming club as he started picturing Moka wearing a bikini, but Moka tells him that she doesn't like swimming, with Tsukune not understanding her situation that pure water is a vampire's true weakness. Upon hearing this, Tamao lured Tsukune and all the boys to joining their swimming club with her beauty, which succeeded in leaving Moka behind. Kurumu joined the club as well so she can be close to Tsukune.

After a short while in the pool, Tsukune decides to go back to Moka, however, Tamao made it clear to him that if any boy comes into their club, she would not allow them to leave the swimming pool since she plans to drain Tsukune's life force from the beginning due to his human scent and separating him from Moka, but before she could, Moka returns and in her vampire form, defeats Tamao and her club members, saving Tsukune's life. With everything settled Tsukune, Moka, and Kurumu leave the swimming club for good.   

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