The Summoning Technique is a demon-calling technique which uses the user's own Yoki as food. If the user continues to summon even after running out of Yoki, it will eventually devour their life energy, leading to their deaths.


To use the Summoning Technique, it seems that the user needs some sort of focus in order to summon. Such examples of this are talismans, wands, or even the skull-tipped cane of Xiao-Long Miao.

When the Summon appears, it will be in a small cloud of smoke. The amount of the smoke is not always the same and, in some cases, there may not be much, if any smoke at all.

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  • The Summoning Technique is similar to the Naruto universes' version, as it summons an animal in a cloud of smoke.
  • Depending on the species of the summoner, repeated summoning may drain the user's vitality until they pass out from exhaustion. Yasha seem to naturally have great stamina, but a witch (specificly Yukari), will quickly become tired.
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