Student Council President is a unnamed Human that only appears in the Rosario+Vampire Prototype One-Shot Chapter 0 of Season 1. He's the son of the Headmaster at Yokai Private Academy (Human School in this chapter).

Personality[edit | edit source]

President's true nature

Despite his appearances and charming good looks, the President is spoiled, greedy, and selfish if he doesn't get his way. He thinks too much of himself acting all high and mighty as he treats his fellow classmates as trash. He appears to have shown his true nature as he would kill his classmates if being laughed at, threatened, or rejected, but it's most likely done by his loyal servants or teachers that he orders. He claims Moka Akashiya to be his and would kill anyone who comes near her, including Tsukune Aono whom Moka developed interest in that makes him jealous. The President's main objective and goal for this matter is to make Moka his woman and only his, even if he has to do it by force, but fails.

Prototype[edit | edit source]

One Shot[edit | edit source]

He first appears being brought to the school greeting Moka and asking her if she replied his letter that he sent her to know if she would become his woman but is rejected by Moka and runs off with Tsukune knowing that the President has an unpleasant scent in her case. Being laughed at by some of the male students of his failure to get Moka, he ordered his loyal servant who drives him to school to kill them claiming that the are nobodies and declared to himself that he will get his hands on Moka and make her his woman no matter what it takes.

The President eventually spies on Moka being with Tsukune and sees her kissing his neck which made him seriously mad and would never forgive her for this, however, she was sucking Tsukune's blood to his mistake. 

President's life-force energy be drained by Moka

Later, Tsukune is called by the Japanese teacher, Higuma, for breaking the school's window with a softball (although it was really Moka) and was taken to the music class room and finds Moka being held hostage by the President knowing that it was all a trap for Tsukune. As for Tsukune being with Moka, the President attempts to kill him, stating that Moka belongs to him and he reveals that Higuma is his bodyguard. The President along with Higuma beats up Tsukune badly and the only way to spare him is for Moka to become the President's woman which she had no choice but to agree. When the student grabbed Moka by her hair to start making her his, he's stop by Tsukune as he stands on his feet, grabs the President by his wrist, and shoves him. Tsukune then releases Moka's true self and Moka defeats the President's loyal bodyguard by stabbing him with her thrust. She then turned to the President and said if he really wants her, he can come a get her. The President gets out his pocket knife and goes forth to kill Moka, but is kicked by her for getting cocky. Moka picks up the President by his neck and drains his life-force energy putting an end to the student's selfishness.

The next day, the Student Council President is seen along side with a injured Higuma as an old man with a cane knowing that he won't return to his normal state for the next few days due his life-force energy being drained by Moka and because of this, he couldn't remember what happen the day before.

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