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Shizuka Nekonome
Shizuka Nekonome Profile Photo.jpg
Kana 猫目 静
Romaji Nekonome Shizuka
Birthday March 21
Gender Female
Age 17 (joke age in the manga)
20's or 40's (true age)
Race Nekomusume
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Equipment Claws
Personal Status
Relatives None
Affiliations Newspaper Club
Class Teacher at Yōkai Academy

Superhero (Season 2)

Voice Actor Kikuko Inoue (Japanese)

Jamie Marchi (English)

Shizuka Nekonome (猫目 静, Nekonome Shizuka) is one of the many school teachers at Yōkai Academy. She is Tsukune and Moka's homeroom teacher and also the adviser for the Newspaper Club. A nekomusume (cat girl), she is rather carefree in her attitude and somewhat oblivious to certain things. The manga reveals she likes to eat fish, even if raw but specifically, as shown in the omake goldfish. Her animated counterpart does not seem to show any hatred towards humans, unlike the rest of the teachers in the school. This is particularly shown prior to Tsukune's execution incident, when Shizuka worries about his fate and argues how the school was built to promote human relationships with Yōkai and vice versa. She is also said to own a villa in the human world. She is shown to be somewhat fearsome as Kokoa Shuzen has said that she is scared of Shizuka Nekonome. Shizuka is a part-time Superhero in the Second Season of the Anime. She is a Catgirl, or a Nekomusume, a Japanese cat monster with human skin, and with ears above hair matching the color of the hair, with along, a cat tail.


In her human disguise, her hair is shaped as cat ears, while wearing a white blouse, orange skirt, low heel sandals and her eyes seem to be closed. Her hair is sandy blond and apparently shines in the sun.


Her personality is very nice and girly. She says meow too much making it obvious she's a cat. It seems she notices that Tsukune's a human but doesn't really care because she believes in humans and monsters getting along. Her favorite food is raw fish in the human world. In one of the bonus panels of the manga she states that she does not wear a bra.

Though generally very kind, Shizuka easily loses her temper when someone points out to her how poor she is at hiding her ears and tail. In Capu2 Episode 8, Shizuka acts as a Superhero/Vigilante (Catwoman) when dressed in a black cat costume. Though she shows high agility and speed, she often says odd lines that she would say in her class. During this moment, she came to save Tsukune Aono from being attacked by Kagome Ririko, who was using Moka Akashiya as a hostage by suspending her in the air by a rope that was tied to a pole. Shizuka distracted Ririko long enough for Tsukune to rescue Moka. In the middle of running away, Ririko ripps Shizuka's superhero suit from behind and in embarrassment, Shizuka dashes away from the scene leaving Ririko, Tsukune, and Moka confused.


Her nails become razor sharp claws and can move in super speeds. She also has an excellent sense of balance. The power of her nails can be really severe when she attacks. During the counteroffensive against Alucard's creation horrors, her hands transformed into paws and her claws became more pronounced.



It's ok, I like eating fish raw.


  • The translation of Nekonome (猫の目) is Cat's eye. In Japanese, however, her name is spelled as 猫目.
  • She's older than she looks, when she was cosplaying as cheerleader, she mentioned that she feels like she is 30 years younger, still her exact age is unknown.
  • In the anime the only time we see her eyes open is when she was under the influence of Lilth's Mirror.
  • Shizuka Nekonome's eyes