Long before the events of Rosario + Vampire, there was a very powerful vampire named Shinso. Those who inherit his power by absorbing his blood are given the title of "Shinso". Alucard, the oldest existing vampire who also held the title of Shinso tried to take over the world, destroying an entire continent in seven days. Another Shinso and her two companions stopped Alucard. The three who stopped Alucard later were given the title "Three Great Dark Lords".

To this day, the corpse of Alucard is being watched over by the Three Dark Lords and the Shinso that sealed away Alucard: Akasha. Ever since Alucard's defeat, his body has been kept in hiding never to be seen again and the title and identity of the second Shinso seems to be kept a close secret for her safety and to prevent the birth of another Shinso like Alucard. In Chapter 32 Season 2, it appears Alucard is awakened when Moka awakened her Shinso power. In Chapter 66.4 Season 2, Tsukune, who was originally human becomes a newly born Shinso. Currently the only Shinso alive are Moka and Tsukune as well as Kahlua after her resurrection from Alucard's clone giving her his Shinso blood.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It has been shown that Shinso vampires possess a terrifying and immense aura that is "a darkness darker than night" along with showing that Shinso vampires also possess incredible speed and strength on a level much greater than S-class vampires.

Shinso vampires are also shown to have immense healing abilities, beyond that shown by other vampires. Akasha Bloodriver was able to heal after being cut in half at the waist by Akua Shuzen.

Shinso vampires have a unique ability called "Blood Link" which allows them to sense when one or the other is in emotional stress and vice versa. Moka Akashiya and Tsukune Aono are shown to have this ability due to having the same shinso blood inside them.

Shinso vampires possess an ability known as "Creation" mixing yōki into ones own blood and controlling it at will. They transform into a solid matter that can mold into all kinds of things like a steel suit of armor or something that explodes and reduces any opponent to fragments with every attack. Moka and Tsukune are able to use this power by transforming their bodies into steel like armors and tearing Alucard's true form into pieces using their punches and kicks.

Known Shinso VampiresEdit


  • Besides being immortal, Shinso Vampires are to be known as "Alpha Vampires" shown that they have undying bodies and cannot be killed so easily than that of normal Vampires shown in Rosario+Vampire.
  • Tsukune's hair becomes silver during the fight with Alucard, but reverts to the reddish-brown color it normally becomes when he becomes vampiric. This suggests that silver hair is a sign of a Shinso using their powers at full strength; however, Moka's hair is normally silver, though it may be a result of her mother giving her too much Shinso Vampire blood to save her life.
  • In Chapter 67 Extra II, it's revealed that Miyabi (Alucard's clone) injected his blood into Kahlua to save her life thus Kahlua becoming a Shinso Vampire.
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