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The Second Subdivision Leader is a unnamed Doppelganger and a member of Fairy Tale.


  • 2nd Leader in Issa's form
  • 2nd Leader defeated by Touhou Fuhai
He is first seen in chapter 44 of season 2 in his true form being summoned along with the other subdivision leaders by Gyokuro Shuzen to execute Tsukune Aono and his friends. In chapter 57 the doppelganger is seen in the form of Issa Shuzen along with the Shuzen Family army by his side to do battle with Touhou Fuhai and become his opponent, however, the 2nd Leader was overpowered by the dark lord because Touhou knew all about Issa's fighting style and skills over half a century ago and noted that the real Issa is much stronger. Touhou seemed to forgotten his name afterwards as the subdivision leader turns back in to his original form by his defeat while being out cold.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

Doppelganger Physiology: As a doppelganger, the 2nd Sub-Division Leader has the unique ability to copy the appearance, mannerisms, memories, and abilities of his target thus allowing him to have multiple yokai powers by encountering many other yokai though the duplicated powers are inferior to the original.

  • Duplication: The signature ability of the doppelgangers where the Leader copies another yokai's form and abilities which in this case allows him to duplicate Issa Shuzen's form and powers that even Touhou Fuhai was fooled until the Dark Lord defeated him.
    • Immense Demonic Aura: When the sub-division leader appeared on the battlefield in Issa's form, Moka was able to sense his power being identical to that of Issa himself from a far away distance and proclaimed him to be Shuzen's strongest man.
    • Immense Durability: While in Issa's form, the leader was able to withstand Touhou Fuhai's powerful Jigen-Tou and later on defended against his Youjutsu Beam with little damage though he was ultimately defeated while Fuhai remained unscathed.

Abilities Edit

  • Youjutsu Practitioner: When the leader was defending against Fuhai's Youjutsu Beam, he seemed to be blocking the attack with a technique that involves clasping his hands in front of him but was still easily pressured by the Dark Lord.
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