San Otonashi
Picture 3
Kana 音無
Romaji Otonashi San
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Age 19
Race Siren
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Equipment Voice
Personal Status
Relatives None
Affiliations Former President of the Newspaper Club
Class Yōkai Academy Graduate
Voice Actor None

San Otonashi also known as San-Senpai, is a graduate of Yōkai Academy and the former Newspaper Club president. She rarely speaks, which because her powers lay in her voice, and carries around a sketch book to write on instead of talking to keep others safe. She was the one who taught Ginei Morioka how to use a camera and stopped him from fighting everyone in his first year. She now lives with Marin who found her after she had nowhere to go.


San is generally a very happy, pleasant, and sweet girl. Though despite her youthful appearance, San is actually a very mature and tough character. Back when she was in Yōkai Academy she was responsible for straightening out Ginei. Due to her shyness she doesn't talk, but her form of communication is by her notepad on which she writes out her dialogue.

According to Ginei and Haiji, San was a truly fearsome fighter back when she was in Yōkai Academy. Like Moka, San's notepad serves as her limiter for her powers. When she closes her notepad, she's serious about fighting. Her powers as a Siren are so great, that she was deemed a "Genius" by Yōkai Academy standards and earned the nickname "Siren In the Dark".

When she graduated from Yōkai Academy, she had no place to go. Luckily, Marin Kawamoto brought her under her wing. She cares a lot for Marin and will do anything to please her. However due to her Siren nature, she feared that she'd be shunned by her if she told her. However after revealing her true form, Marin still loves San and happily accepts her monster nature.

By the end of the Newspaper Club's Summer Trip, San has grown a slight attraction to Tsukune, much to Gin and Haiji's disappointment.


Sun otonashi 7380
San has blue eyes and collar-length blue hair, which is tied back by a polka-dot ribbon. Despite looking almost as young as Yukari, she is actually older than the entire group, being a graduate of Yōkai Academy. She wears a long sleeved, knee-length polka-dot dress with a big ribbon on her chest. In her Siren form, she has a pair of angel wings.



San had been abandoned by her parents, left at the Yokai orphanage, due to her powers being too strong. She decided to stop speaking, instead using a notepad to write out what she was thinking. In time, she came to be known a the "gang leader" of Yokai Academy, although she had no idea she was who they were talking about. She eventualy met "Mad Dog" Ginei "Gin" Morioka, deciding to fight him until he got tired of fighting; his poor behavior was reflecting poorly on the Newspaper Club. She taught him how to use a camera, although this lead to his peeping habit by accident. She also became friends with Haji Minamoto, the karate captain; he had a lolicon attraction to her.

Season 1

Having graduated Yokai Academy, and lacking a home to go to, San wandered the human world aimlessly. She was eventulay found by Marin Kawamoto, who took her in. Never having had someone be so maternal to her, San quickly became attached to Marin, coming to see her as a surrogate mother.

Season 2

San first appears after purposely running into Tsukune when trying to escape from monsters. Following that, she and Moka get kidnapped due to the head mobster thinking that San had run into close friends. Luckily, thanks to Tsukune, who was the only one allowed to help as he was once fully human, came and defeat the attackers. After being rescued, San met up with the rest of the current Newspaper Club.

They arrive at the seaside inn where San works and lives at when a co-worker tries to fire her, but San's boss and mother figure, Marin keeps that from happening. The following day, the co-worker had stolen money form the bank due to a threat from a member of Fairy Tale. This is however rectified by the Newspaper Club, who called in customers while wearing their swimsuits. After closing time, the head of Fairy Tale's 7th division, "God" Kanade Kamiya arrives in another attempt to recruit San as she had repeatedly turned down Fairy Tale. Marin, not realizing that San is monster, tells Kanade to leave them alone. Kanade laughs and says that she doesn't know San's true nature and attempts to attack them. However, though the Newspaper Club fight valiantly to protect them, Kanade uses his Siren voice to blind them. San, after writing a short farewell to Marin in her sketchbook as she thought Marin would no longer want a monster to live with her, releases her wings and nature and sings beautifully, canceling out Kanade's song, which allows Tsukune to hurt Kanade.

Unfortunately, one of Kanade's Mermen shoots a blast of pressured water at Marin, forcing San to block to protect her mother figure. This knocks San out, but Marin accepts San for who she is, not caring if she's a siren. San wakes up in time to save Tsukune from a fully transformed Kanade's deadly voice with her own, but reveals she had used ultrasound to slowly break him up on the inside. San offers Marin the change to avenge her deceased husband Kanade killed four years prior and herself.

Marin only pats San on the head like she normally would, telling San that she accepts who she is. Overjoyed, San happily cries into Marin's arms. That night, everyone headed to the beach to light fireworks. San meets her old juniors Haiji and Gin, who both like her. Though it is only Gin who has true feelings for her while Haiji only likes her because of his lolicon fetish.

When the Newspaper Club departs back to Yōkai, San is handed Marin's bankbook by Gin, who recovered it from the now dead employee and uses a large poster, which look like a massive notepad, of herself and Marin to invite them to come back soon.

During Alucard's return/ resumed rampage, San arrives as one of the allies on Yokai Academy's side to fight him. Miyabi was left amazed at her offensive song being able to destroy a piece of Alucard. The wounded human soilders mistoke her for an angel due to her wings.

Powers & Abilities


San in her Siren form.

San is a Siren who has a perfect song of protection as said by Kamiye Kanade. However, her true power lies in her ultrasonic offensive song which slowly breaks apart her opponent internally. San describes her powers to be similar to a dolphin that emits an ultrasonic sound (or in her, case a song), causing tiny injuries to occur within her opponent's body. Remarking that the injuries may be small, the damage will slowly increase over time; slowly, but surely, killing the opponent.

San's notepad is actually her limiter and Gin along with Haiji remark that when she closes it and begins to speak it means that she is getting serious. It should be noted that San, said by Gin, is said to be the "strongest of all generations" among Yōkai Academy, along with the fact that she is also called "Siren in the Dark".

When San was just a little girl, her powers were already so strong that her parents couldn't even keep her in check, hence why she was left in the care of Yōkai Academy's Elementary and Jr. High School program.


  • "A song you cannot hear... destruction you cannot see... that is my ability."
  • "You were the only one... who I did not want to see in this form. Marin-san, I wonder what you think... Am I scary...? ...If you wish... to take revenge for your husband... that person has been badly beaten up, but I haven't taken his life. If you wish to... you can finish him off. And I, who am a Siren the same as him... if you cannot forgive me, then you can also..."


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