Manga Volume 09: Monster Mamas

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Character Cover Featuring: Moka Akashiya and Tsukune Aono

J - Volume 09 - ISBN 978-4-08-874372-1, Release date: 4 June 2007

E - Volume 09 - ISBN 978-1-4215-2354-5, Release date: 6 October 2009


Inner Moka and Tsukune must fight Hokuto, who has transported a room deep in the school to unlock the Great Barrier. Hokuto reveals that he was once a human, but removes his spirit lock and unleashes his monster form. Moka and Tsukune team up to defeat Hokuto. The News Club girls arrive and try to restore the barrier. Tsukune then uses his energy as Hokuto wakes up, but instead of attacking him again, Hokuto senses Tsukune's determination to save the world and offers his own energy. Afterwards, Hokuto and Kiriya leave the school as the festival begins. Tsukune meets Mizore's mother and Kurumu's mother, each of whom assumes he is dating her daughter. Moka feels isolated and escapes to the roof. She is assaulted by a Yakuza-looking guy, but Tsukune saves her. Tsukune's cousin, Kyoko Aono, visits the school; Tsukune and the girls must scramble to act normal since Kyoko states if she senses anything strange, she will take Tsukune home. The delinquent guy comes back with a gun, but Tsukune beats him up, which impresses Kyoko.

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