Ruby toujo

Manga Volume 08: Shikigami

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Character Cover Featuring: Ruby Tojo 

J - Volume 08 - ISBN 978-4-08-874324-0, Release date: 2 February 2007

E - Volume 08 - ISBN 978-1-4215-1910-4, Release date: 2 June 2009


In order to avoid expulsion, Tsukune agrees to work with the student council, led by Hokuto Kaneshiro, to help organize the school festival. He learns that there is an Anti-Schooler spy in the group, and committee member Mizuki Ueshiba accidentally reveals he is indeed the mole. When Moka overhears Hokuto conspire with Kiriya, she tells Tsukune and the girls, but Tsukune does not believe her. He returns to the council room only to see that its members have been slaughtered by Hokuto, who reveals that he is the leader of the Anti-Schoolers. While Kurumu and Yukari help Tsukune, Ruby tells everyone that Moka has been captured by Kiriya. The girls capture Hokuto and deliver him to the headmaster, but it is a ruse as Hokuto easily frees himself, attacks the headmaster, and steals his rosary. Hokuto wants to break down the Great Barrier that separates the yokai from the human world. As Moka and Kiriya watch Tsukune fight Hokuto, Moka wants to help but she is placed in a chokehold by Kiriya. Moka musters the strength and will to break her own rosary chain.

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