Rosario + Vampire Manga v05 cover

Manga Volume 05: Abominable Snowgirl

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Charcter Cover Featuring: Mizore Shirayuki

J - Volume 05 - ISBN 4-08-874024-6, Release date: 3 February 2006

E - Volume 05 - ISBN 978-1-4215-1907-4, Release date: 3 February 2009


Oyakata battles Moka; she merges with her monster plants and tries to absorb Rudy and Moka, but is defeated when Moka destroys her grimoire. Tsukune is nominated for class president when he encounters snow girl Mizore Shirayuki who has taken an obsessive interest in him. She tries to take him away but Moka defeats her. When Mizore is suspected of freezing two male students and is in danger of being expelled, Tsukune tries to help her, but faces gym teacher Okuto Kotsubo. After taking on vampire blood from Moka, Tsukune feels really strange. A group of schoolmates called the monstrels try to take advantage of his seemingly weak situation.

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