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English Version

Manga Volume 02: Witches

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Charcter Cover Featuring: Kurumu Kurono

J - Volume 2 - ISBN 4-08-873776-8, Release date: 4 February 2005

E - Volume 2 - ISBN 978-1-4215

Japaneses Version

-1904-3, Release date: 5 August 2008


Tsukune, Moka, and Kurumu meet Yukari Sendo, a young genius witch who initially despises Tsukune for liking Moka. They help her against some school bullies. Moka takes time away from Tsukune for a secret project, when Tsukune and the News Club learn about the disappearance of some girls; Tsukune discovers that art teacher Hitomi Ishigami has been capturing the girls, and has to rescue Moka from her wrath. When the paperwork for the News Club goes missing before their deadline, Kurumu finds herself being blackmailed into modeling for Nagare Kano, a photographer guy. When the News Club distributes their first paper, the Security Committee confiscate the batch. Tsukune and the gang face committee member Keito who is a spider-woman.

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