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When Aqua is unable to save Moka, Tsukune breaks off his Spirit Lock and becomes a true vampire to infuse his blood with Moka's. Alucard's true form proves too strong for human armed forces to overcome, but San Otanashi's Siren Song is able to hold him back, providing time for Mikogami and Tohofuhai to launch an attack. Using a magic circle created by Aqua (who now respects Tsukune), Kurumu, Mizore and the others are able to reach Tsukune and Moka in the vortex created by Tsukune's unleashing his vampire power. Tsukune, now a full True First Ancestor vampire, and Moka, fully restored, lead a combined attack against Alucard, but Alucard's master plan and victory seem inevitable as the eggs he planted all over Japan begin to hatch. With the human world watching, Tsukune leads the gang (now joined by Gin, Haiji, Lingling, Xilong Miao and Ludie) in another attack as all of the monsters of Yokai Academy (and Mrs. Kurono, Shiryaku and Sendo) destroy the hatchlings. Tsukune plants Moka's rosario on Alucard's chest, awakening and releasing Moka's mother Akasha Bloodriver, who convinces Alucard to end the destruction; after Akasha bids farewell to Tsukune, she and Alucard cast a Self-Disintegration Spell aided by Tohofuhai and Mikogami, which destroys all four of them. With the world now aware of the existence of monsters, Tsukune chooses to return to Yokai Academy with his friends, where he will train (under Moka's father Issa Shuzen) to someday become the new headmaster and see the dream of a co-existing human-monster world fulfilled.

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