Rosario + Vampire II Volume 12:

Previous Volume: 11

Next Volume: 13

Character Cover Featuring: Kalua Shuzen

J - Volume 12 - ISBN 978-4-08-870570-5, Release date: 4 February 2013

E - Volume 12 - ISBN 978-1-42-155702-1 , Release date: 1 October 2013


Moka's inner personality awakens but attacks Aqua for both hurting her friends and assuming that Tsukune has been using her for protection. Alucard starts to wake, destroying much of the Hanging Garden and devouring members of Fairy Tale. Tsukune successfully counters Aqua’s Dimension Sword, and he and Moka knock Aqua out. When Gyokuro and Kahlua arrive, Gyokuro grabs Moka's rosario and attaches it to a device to control Alucard. As Tsukune’s allies arrive (along with Hokuto), Koko fights Kahlua, but Gyokuro summons the Shuzen family assassination squad to fight the others. Issa Shuzen faces Master Tohofuhai as Gin and Haiji (now revealed to be a Crow Tengu) battle the Shuzen family. Gyokuro reveals that she has infected the Shuzen family members with bits of Alucard, turning them into ghouls after they are defeated by Gin and Haiji. Moka learns that her blood is in sync with Alucard as Tsukune begins to transform into a ghoul, but Tsukune unleashes his second spirit lock as he wipes out the ghouls and prepares to confront Gyokuro.

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