RV2-Volume 11

Rosario-Vampire II Volume 11.

Rosario + Vampire II Volume 11: Rescue Mission

Previous Volume: 10

Next Volume: 12

Character Cover Featuring: Gyokuro Shuzen and Miyabi Fujisaki.

J - Volume 11 - ISBN 978-4-08-870425-8, Release date: 4 June 2012

E - Volume 11 - ISBN 978-1-42-155240-8 , Release date: 5 March 2013


Xilong uses his flower-based attacks against Fangfang, but Yukari protects him with summonings. When Yukari begins to tire, Fangfang uses his martial arts skills to defeat Xilong, who then reveals that his father was killed by the Masked King, who forced the Miao family to align with Fairy Tale. Tsukune and the gang encounter Miyabi, but Kiria arrives and sends Tsukune and Ruby to another dimension where they must face Kuyo, who is now a Fairy Tale leader. In the meantime, Miyabi holds off Kiria, allowing Kurumu and Mizore to reach Moka; however, Aqua blocks their path. Despite their ultimate anti-vampire joint attack, Kurumu and Mizore are badly wounded by Aqua, shocking Moka to the point where the seal breaks and frees her inner personality.

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