Tsukune 2

North America Cover

Rosario+Vampire II Volume 10: Kidnapped
Season 2 book 10

Rosario+Vampire II Volume 10

Previous Volume: 09

Next Volume: 11

Character Cover: Aono Tsukune

J - Volume 10 - ISBN 978-4-08-870349-7, Release date: 2 December 2011

E - Volume 10 - ISBN 978-1-42-154879-1 , Release date: 6 November 2012


The News Club enters Fairy Tale headquarters, known as the Hanging Garden, disguised as members of the organization. At a Fairy Tale gathering, they see Moka inside a magic seal, and that Fairy Tale plans to use her to awaken Alucard. Fairy Tale's leader, Gyokuro Shuzen, Moka's step-mother, senses them, and reveals the "moles" in front of everyone. Hokuto advises them to retreat, but they refuse, so Hokuto flees on his own. Gyokuro sends the division leaders after the infiltrators; the group encounters Raika, who specializes in lightning attacks, first. Ruby fights him and gets electrocuted; however, she enjoys it, and counters with some summonnings and an explosive spell. Raika changes into his monster form, causing Ruby to resort to her ultimate Iron Maiden attack. Fangfang separates from the group, taking on deputy division leader Ludie, who attacks him with a chainsaw. Yukari helps Fangfang and he is able to defeat Ludie. However, Xilong Miao, Ludie's boss and leader of the Miao family, then arrives on the scene.

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