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Rosario Vampire Season ll volume 8 Japanese cover.


Rosario+Vampire Season ll volume 8 English cover.

II Manga Volume 08: The Secret of the Rosario

Previous Volume: 07

Next Volume: 09

Character Cover: Shuzen Akua

J - Volume 08 - ISBN 978-4-08-870122-6, Release date: 4 November 2010

E - Volume 08 - ISBN 978-1-4215-4050-4 , Release date: 3 April 2012


Tohofuhai, Tsukune and Mizore continue to observe Moka's memories. On Moka's tenth birthday, Aqua reveals to Moka a monstrosity called Alucard, the First Ancestor vampire, who lies dormant beneath their manor. Akasha sends Moka away, and fights Aqua, who wants to drain all her First Ancestor blood to claim its powers. But when Moka returns and sees Aqua slice Akasha in half, she is enraged, but her subsequent power awakens Alucard, who attempts to absorb Moka. Akasha saves Moka by sacrificing herself to fuse with Alucard; she further protects her with the rosary which gives her a new pseudo-personality. Meanwhile, the Huang manor is visited by the rival Miao family led by Aqua; Kurumu uses her succubus powers to enter Moka's dream world to rescue Tsukune, Mizoe and Tohofuhai. Aqua faces Fangfang and Lingling's parents, but Lingling stands up to Aqua to try to buy some time while Kurumu extracts Tsukune and the others.

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