II Manga Volume 06: Gangstah

Previous Volume: 05

Next Volume: 07

Character Cover: Sendo Yukari

J - Volume 06 - ISBN 978-4-08-870008-3, Release date: 4 February 2010

E - Volume 06 - ISBN 978-1-4215-3831-0 , Release date: 4 October 2011

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

With the start of the second trimester, Tsukune wonders about his future, but freshman transfer student Fangfang Huang, the son of a Chinese Mafia boss, tries to recruit him to join his family, having heard that Tsukune had destroyed the offices of both yakuza and Fairy Tale. Challenging Tsukune, he summons a phoenix that proves uncontrollable. At the school's sports day, Fangfang's jiangshi (hopping zombie) sister, Lingling, baits the News Club girls into wagering Tsukune's recruitment over which team wins, and brings her own jiangshi to compete in the events. Yukari makes a "heart-to-heart" device that enables people to share feelings, but when Fangfang plays with it they end up swapping bodies. Moka has been conversing with her inner self more often and agrees to let her spend a day out as a student. Although her academics and physical education classes are no problem, Moka's inner personality learns to cook for the first time, but afterwards they discover that she is unable to transform back.

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