II Manga Volume 04: Inner Ghoul

Previous Volume: 03

Next Volume: 05

Character Cover: Toujo Ruby

J - Volume 04 - ISBN 978-4-08-874679-1, Release date: 4 June 2009

E - Volume 04 - ISBN 978-1-4215-3544-9 , Release date: 5 April 2011


Kalua Shuzen arrives to enforce alliance negotiations between Fairy Tale and the Snow Fairy world, but as things do not go as intended, she goes into her crying tantrum and beats down everyone, including the News Club girls. She fights Moka but sustains heavy damage that Miyabi arrives and cancels her "kill everyone" orders and they retreat. Ruby takes Tsukune to another dimension where Tsukune trains in controlling his ghoul power; he fights with a special magic-cancelling whip while Ruby uses a chain to absorb his excess power. Moka steals the whip and, as Inner Moka, goes on a date with Tsukune where he learns how to sense Yokai; he and Moka train later. Koko helps Kurumu try to win Tsukune's affections by egging her to use her charm ability. Kurumu charms the boys, but Tsukune is inadvertently affected. Kurumu and Tsukune find themselves alone in Kurumu's dorm room.

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