II Manga Volume 02: Magical Candy

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Character Cover: Shuzen Kokoa

J - Volume 02 - ISBN 978-4-08-874586-2, Release date: 3 October 2008

E - Volume 02 - ISBN 978-1-4215-3137-3 , Release date: 3 August 2010


The bandit leader copies Tsukune's form and tries to impersonate him to fool his rescuers, but discovers they are all girls. As a doppelgänger, he copies Kurumu's abilities and fights them off until Tsukune unleashes his ghoul ability. As Ruby and Yukari quickly seal Tsukune's powers, the doppleganger assumes Inner Moka's form, but is no match for the real Inner Moka. The News Club try to attract new members in the midst of club recruiting season. With Yukari's help, Koko tries out for different clubs, but they are too little to be taken seriously. Yukari gives Koko a Gro-Gro Drop that turns her to her adult size where she is able to show off against the Karate Club, however, the effects are brief and she reverts to a little kid. The other News Club girls come to her rescue by transforming themselves in the same manner.

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